The Mernahuana Show: Dom Cramer MAYOR of YONGEsterdam

POT TV – The Mernahuana Show: Dom Cramer MAYOR of YONGEsterdam, The boss of bosses, is planning on appearing Tuesday, Dec. 11th 2012 on The Mernahuana Show. LIVE from Vapor Central on the Pot TV Network, tune in and toke up at 7pm EST or 4pm PST Flaming Mad Edition

It’s going to be a serious challenge not to say swear like a banshee straight out of hell on the flaming mad edition of The Mernahuana Show. Thankfully other than host nudity Pot TV has few standards for our weekly Tuesday webcasts, at 720pm EST 420pm PST. We are safe for pretty little princesses. Three hours of getting high won’t calm me down when it comes to talking about the recently released Canadian Medical Association report noting there’s no doctors signing Health Canada medical marijuana forms. We have two great in studio guests lined up. Be part of the stoned studio audience at Vapor Central or tune in and virtually toke up to see us rock the Subzero bong harder than Cheech and Chong.

Every Tuesday on Pot TV Network at 7pm EST or 4pm PST. We are now taking Skype calls from the chat via Vapor Central. Plenty of toking from the next place where marijuana is going to be legal. HD video, Multi cams, Skype Guests, an Announcer, The Mernahuana Show: The Potheads Who Don’t Smoke Schwag

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