Cannabis Roots: The Hidden History of Marijuana – Chris Bennett

POT TV – Cannabis activist and author Chris Bennett speaks at Cannabis Roots: The Hidden History of Marijuana in Vancouver.

Chris Bennett has been studying the historical role of cannabis — particularly in the realms of religion, spirituality and magic — for over 20 years. He is one of our most passionate and committed advocates for reclaiming and honouring cannabis’ potential as a medicine and spiritual ally. Chris is also considered one of the leading scholars on the history of the spiritual use of cannabis. He is the author of three books: Green Gold the Tree of Life: Marijuana in Magic and Religion (1995); Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible (2000); and Cannabis and the Soma Solution (2010) as well as dozens of articles on this same theme for a variety of magazines and journals. Chris currently resides in Vancouver, where he owns and runs an ethnobotanical shop, The Urban Shaman.

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Video recorded on November 3, 2012.