The Mernahuana Show: 076 Porn Star Karlie Montana

POT TV – This week on The Mernahuana Show, wrestlers, adult film stars, rants on NAFTA, Gaza, and Sir Richard Branson. We got plenty of toking and midnight joking.

The weedy webcast takes place every Tuesday from 7-1020 pm EST or 4-720 pm PST. Now with more pothead professionalism.

We continue with our new time and format for The Mernahuana Show, which airs on the Pot TV Network every Tuesday from 7pm – 1020pm EST or 4pm – 720 PST live in front of Vapor Central’s stoned studio audience. It feels like a much different webcast than our traditional toking afternoon gig, but that could be because we have much more going on.

First we have announcer Jay Danger, who, like me, is representing Humber College. I am grad and he’s a student. Danger’s job is to keep the show on a bit of schedule and announce. The Goodwin is operating a manycam system, allowing us to webcast up to four cameras at once. We can take calls on Skype, show a YouTube video and you still see us in frame too.

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There’s plenty going on now. This weeks guests are still To Be Confirmed, but I’m planning on interviewing an adult film star in the first hour. In the second hour I’ll be interviewing a libertarian wrestler. Or vice versus. Virtual potheads who don’t smoke schwag are welcome to Skype in during our webcast and I’ll provide instructions during the show. My goal is to create a webcast vibe of what it’s like to chill with us at Vapor Central.

I’ll be ranting about filing a NAFTA complaint over the legal marijuana situation in Washington. Clearly federal prohibition laws are preventing me from earning a profit from Mernagh brand marijuana. I can’t grow my cannabis in Ontario – a place to grow btw – and ship it to a legal marketplace. NAFTA was designed to ensure fair access to marketplaces without cumbersome federal laws getting in the way. It’s estimated legal marijuana is going to cost Canadian producers and Mexico is going to get hit even harder.

Hostess is going bankrupt, but not in Canada. That’s because we like our munchies. Gaza, Syria and Iran will be the location for World War III. China and Russia are not going to let USA invade their source of oil. Sir Richard Branson breaks the taboo with a social media stoner statement. I got the goods on that. We also have gossip on a new marijuana vapor lounge. Possible report from Amsterdam on High Times Cannabis Cup, and finally the marijuana vending machine company stock went from $4 to $215 now that weed is legal.

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