Jodie Emery on The Roy Green Show: SATURDAY

POT TV – From The Roy Green Show: “Prince of Pot, Marc Emery on Sunday’s show! Marc Emery will be giving his first live media interview to me on Sunday since being extradited to the U.S. to serve his five year prison sentence for distribution of marijuana seeds to U.S. customers.


“I’ll begin the hour speaking with Jodie Emery, Marc’s wife, then Marc joins us and after my conversation with him (prison authorities allow a maximum of 15 minutes), Jodie will be back on the show.

“We’ll open the phone lines and include this question which I have also posted on Twitter. “Should President Obama pardon Marc Emery now that public health officials, former law-enforcement officers and the U.S. prosecutor who handled Marc Emery’s prosecution for Washington all agree the so-called war on drugs has failed and that the marijuana prohibition is a particular failure? Let’s not forget that the electorate of the State of Washington voted to legalize marijuana sales and consumption in a special vote (Initiative) on the night Barack Obama won his second term as President of the United States.

“So….. should U.S. President Barack Obama pardon and release Marc Emery from custody?”

Tune in live online Sunday at 1:00pm Pacific time to hear the interview at, and on the Corus Radio Network across Canada.

(NOTE: The Youtube video embedded in this post, as of Saturday November 17th, is from a Saturday morning interview of Jodie Emery by radio host Roy Green. The Marc Emery interview will be posted on Sunday afternoon.)

ROY GREEN: tomorrow on the roy green show on the course radio network marc emery the prince of pot does his first live broadcast interview since being extradited to the united states to serve a five year prison sentence for selling marijuana seeds to the americans to american customers and he will join us from his prison in yazoo mississippi it will be very interesting to hear how marc feels about the fact that he’s in prison for a five-year sentence meanwhile the prosecutor who took him to court then prosecuted on behalf of the united states government is now saying the war on pot lost the so-called war on drugs has been lost electorate of the state of washington on november the the in the u_s_ general election voted by majority to legalize marijuana its sale and consumption and from what i understand there are two legislators on the east coast state legislators who either are about to or have introduced or at least are trying to introduce legislation which would legalize marijuana in their states so we’ll have the very first interview live interview broadcast interview with marc emery since he was extradited to the united states he’ll join us as i said from yazoo city in mississippi with me now on the program is marc’s wife jodie emery and we started jodie a great deal on this program and tomorrow i’ll start the show of the second we’ll include marc with jodie then we’ll talk to marc and then jodie will rejoin us uh… jodie this is the first time a good have you back on the show this is the first time that marc uh… have lived on the live in view broadcast interview since the extradition correct

JODIE EMERY: that’s correct

ROY GREEN: how do you both feel i have to ask you this given the things that happen over the last week week-and-a-half and let’s start with the state of washington though the residents of the electorate they’re deciding that uh… they want to see marijuana legalized .,

JODIE EMERY: well marc and i think its fantastic he did a lot of work to get the united states to this point back when marc first sold seeds to americans in they didnt even have medical marijuana anywhere from that point on word marc sent millions of seeds would spend millions of dollars on activist campaigns ballot initiatives political campaigns courts challenges and sent lots of money to people to fight these drug laws and implementing saner drug policy and we’ve seen so much progress on that front marc started sending them those seeds so just thrilled with where the united states is headed of course canada is not too exciting these days we are going pretty much backwards with harper in charge

ROY GREEN: what’s the most important issue to marc right as he thinks about doing the show with me tomorrow what do you think is going to be the most important thing for him to get across

JODIE EMERY: well probably reminding people that the united states has wastes billions and billions of dollars enforcing cannabis marijuana and drug laws against their own people millions of people have been arrested and sent to prison over marijuana laws uh… which is a great civil rights crises that has gone across the united in imprisoning mostly minority marc can tell you that in the prison he is in is certainly made up mostly of black americans who have been imprisoned under the drug laws and the three strikes laws and the mandatory minimum laws so marc has witnessed first hand the personal devastation that comes from it and i see it too when i go visit him seeing these little babies little children go running up to their daddy screaming daddy daddy and thats their relationship with their father he may not have heart anyone else but they have to go into these concrete walls surrounded by barbed wire and cameras and prison guards and big sliding metal doors just to get their fathers love and a hug and hello so mars sees the damaged done on human rights and that really important to us up first and foremost before we have a wonderful system of legalized marijuana distribution we need to keep people from being arrested imprisoned and i think for him that’s the most important reason why he’s been involved in ending marijuana prohibition from the beginning you know the application of justice the application of laws of the anti

ROY GREEN: marijuana legislation both in canada and the united states has been un even at best uh… you know i have and i told you this i havent always agreed with you and marc but i’ve always admired the fact that you’ve been courageous and you’ve stood your ground and and you’re continuing to do that but when i look at the how the laws have been applied it has been the less than sensible from people whose job it is the draft and pass pragmatic sensible legislation when uh… whether things happening i as you pointed out on the program here just a few weeks ago wasnt it one individual in the in the jail with marc is is doing life in prison and he he did what he had the couple ounces of marijuana that was his most recent uh… uh… indictable crime and now he’s doing life

JODIE EMERY: well that would certainly solve all the mandatory minimum and the repeat offenders type laws they’ll punish people i mean their are individuals imprisoned for life simply because they stole something and that was their third strike against them against some other crimes they had and thats costing billions of dollars putting all these people away every year cost hundreds of thousands per individual and thats taxpayers’ money thats not government money all government money is taxpayers money and the government is being paid by our money to spend our money but they’re wasting it and they should be spending and more wisely and marc has seen certainly people in prison for a very long sentences and i don’t know how they continue to live without any hope of ever getting out but they do make it there in prison somehow everyday day in and day out..

ROY GREEN: what if the laws Jodie if the laws do change and now we have a vote in the state of washington and uh… state legislators in rhode island and maine announcing an effort to legalize recreational use of marijuana if it all happens if it all changes in the way politicians would generally will wait for signals from voters maybe they’re getting those signals from voters now if it all changes i would have to say that they would have to have a look at these these people who’ve been incarcerated under the specific marijuana laws and have a really hard look at the sentences and see if the sentences is sustainable under changed legislation i don’t know how quickly things will change with marijuana but i have a sense it will

JODIE EMERY: well certainty anybody in prison right now for a non violent marijuana crime should be let go a lot of people were upset that in washington dc legalized it and that was where marc was indited and sentenced and theyre saying how can marc still being prison when the state that indicted him and sentenced him just legalized it and definitely the law is very different in different ways um in the u_s_ they have various sentences through different country they have different punishment so it’s never really quite evenly uh… doled out these punishment there are people who are truly unjustly punished far more than others for drug offenses and its just unfair and you cant have an unfairness in the justice system thats suppose to be just its not suppose to be unfair

ROY GREEN: the former assistant attorney general for the state of washington coincidentally told me years ago on this program if you have a justice system but people don’t trust and believe in then you don’t have a justice system jodie i thank you so much for joining us today so marc will be on the show from my mississippi from his prison tomorrow here on the roy green show first live broadcast interview he we will have done since being extradited and you’ll join us on that segment as well

JODIE EMERY: yup and its gonna be some part of history thats for sure having him speak to canadians from the belly of the beast

ROY GREEN: ah thanks jodie i’ll talk to you tomorrow

JODIE EMERY: great thanks roy take care

ROY GREEN: jodie emery tomorrow it’ll be the third hour so many of you sent emails and said… what hour? he is he going to be on it’ll be the third hour of the show jodie and marc emery will be with me on the air on the roy green show they wont be able to be on together.. legislation or regulations and rules don’t allow alas will talk to jodie then i’ll talk to marc then i’ll talk to jodie who’s going to be even worse tomorrow this time on the air with me will be marc emery and uh… you know the prince of pot will be doing his very first live broadcast interview hes given it to us since being extradited to the united states to serve a five years for is selling marijuana seeds to americans he is gonna be joining us live from his prison on yazoo mississippi now the people of the state of washington just during the last election federal election in the united states on the sixth of this month voted to legalize and uh… allow the sale and the consumption of marijuana and uh… there’s marc emery imprisoned in in mississippi’s for five years will talk to us tomorrow i sent that information to catherine and linda i think it took about two seconds for linda to get back to me what do you think linda

LINDA: well you know what roy im going to be accused of smoking marijuana

ROY GREEN: no no shes not a smoker or anything

LINDA: no no no im not but you know i think you know i think that the issue and i laugh like i live in bronte harbor uh… and i look at that like the old prohibition and it’s absolutely ludicrous

….20min not transcribed correctly, Listen to the show to hear the rest by the caller…

ROY GREEN: marc emery along with his wife jodie on the roy green show on the course radio network and just a reminder that tomorrow on the program doing his first live broadcast interview will be marc emery will join us from uh… the u_s_ prison in yazoo mississippi where he is incarcerated after pleading guilty to a charge and uh… and and mailing uh… marijuana seeds to customers in the united states where the u_s_ prosecutor that handled the case has now said that uh… the war on drugs and on marijuana is a failure public health officials are saying the same thing uh… senior law officials law enforcement officials also saying that and people of the the state of washington on the sixth of november in the u_s_ federal election uh… on initiative five oh two lauded by a majority to legalized the sale n consumption marijuana so marc emery is going to be joining us tomorrow on this program and it’ll be his first interview broadcast interview since being extradited to the united states you will want to hear that and we will give you an opportunity to speak i can’t give you any time with marc,. within the allowance of fifteen minutes regulations forbid it but we will be taking calls after we speak a marc will also be speaking with uh… whose wife jody she will join us on that segment as well