Jodie Emery Welcomes Justin Trudeau’s New Position on Marijuana Policy

POT TV – Cannabis Culture Director Jodie Emery appears on Sun TV’s ByLine with Brian Lilley to discuss Liberal Party Leadership Candidate Justin Trudeau’s new position as a “huge supporter” of marijuana decriminalization.

“I think we have to recognize first and foremost that the war on drugs, as it exists right now, doesn’t work,” Trudeau told students in Charlottetown this week.

Jodie Emery is owner and operator of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV, and is the wife of Marc Emery, a Canadian marijuana activist imprisoned in the US for selling marijuana seeds and using the money to fund marijuana legalization campaigns.



  1. Annie Nymus on

    Tincture recipe****************
    Hand grind 30 gr of dried buds.
    Add 200 ml of 94% Global alcohol
    Macerate 1 week shaking occasionally
    Decant and Filter through coffee filter

  2. bb54 on

    Does anyone knows for sure who was the ^prime minister of Canada when the LeDain commission on legalizing marijuana submitted its final report ? I suspect it was Pierre Elliot Trudeau.But whoever was prime minister sure did NOTHING of the report except than to shelve it

  3. Brian Kerr on

    First his father lied about legalizeing weed.
    Now he is. After he voted to put me in jail. Ya right.
    He is a piece of shit. He can go fuck him self.

  4. Dawn wilson on

    justen t. will get my vote right to the top then win the next election ha ha and he will show he is not flip flopping away. so proud of you jodie, so grateful to have met the most wonderful people in this whole world

  5. Guitrod on

    To deal with our government is an exorcise in frustration. When discussing cannabis prohibition you can’t get a straight answer other than Harper’s hardline. Trudeau must realize that he can get a ton of votes if he were to address this important issue leading up to the next Federal Election. We need new leaders with open minds and balls to lead all of us in the 21st century. In the meantime millions of Canadians will continue to be branded with criminal records while dealing with the unjust stigma attached. The only way to hurt politicians is at the voting booth. Justin, make your father proud.