BC Pot Activist Hits Lottery Jackpot

Pot TV – Robert Erb, a former BC Marijuana Party candidate for mayor and MLA, has hit the jackpot with a BC lotto ticket worth 25 million dollars.

Erb said he will donate some of the money to groups fighting for marijuana legalization.


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  1. Dove on

    (Is the DEA gonna see HIM as a threat now?)

    This is a REALLY happy piece of news… while we’re thrilled about WA & CO legalizing, we have the depressing specter of the bullshit mandatory minimums bill coming into effect at the same time. -BUT now we have a member of the BC cannabis community coming into $25 mill who intends to contribute some of it towards the movement!

    In Your Face Harper and Nicholson!

    (posted this on the headbook site)