The Mernahuana Show: The Potheads Who Don’t Smoke Schwag

POT TV – The Mernahuana Show every Tuesday on Pot TV Network at 7pm EST or 4pm PST. Tune in as we show Gen Why how to cope with their stress. We are now taking Skype calls from the audience via Vapor Central. Plenty of toking from the next place where marijuana is going to be legal. HD video, Multi cams, Skype Guests, an Announcer, The Mernahuana Show: The Potheads Who Don’t Smoke Schwag

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According to this week’s The Grid cover story Gen Why is really stressed out about their future and living conditions. This could explain why Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana. After all if you got stress why not become a stoner. Granted, I have an incredible amount of stress and I’m considered by sum people to be a stoner. Younger generations are staying at home longer, saving some money on rent, allowing them to buy more marijuana because they’re stressed out, man.

The Tuesday November 13 edition of The Mernahuana Show on Pot TV Network (7pm EST or 4pm PST) is going to show people how we cope with stress – smoking copious amounts of cannabis and engaging in political talk. We be toking and political talking with The Potheads Who Don’t Smoke Schwag.

This cadre of cannabis enthusiasts has grown now to include professional potheads calling in on Skype from around the world. Winnipeg Seed Bank and Marijuana Party candidate Steven Stairs is scheduled to call us at 8pm. Potheads watching the show are encouraged to call via Skype if they have something to add to our discussion at 9pm.

I’m going to be ranting about Toronto marijuana vapour lounges. I’m developing an idea, Safe Marihuana Sales Act, that would allow Toronto city hall to license and profit from cannabis sales. The City of Toronto Act grants city council more powers than other Canadian cities to deal with health, safety and economics. Why not pass a marijuana legalization bylaw that includes a demand for a federal exemption?

No news on the R v. Mernagh ruling front. A Washington Post reporter blogged about how Colorado and Washington are in the same situation as Ontario is. Will Ontario be the next place for legal marijuana, I like to think so.

I’m going to host 420 Swap. That’s when two random stranger stoners agree to exchange cannabis with one another while I call a play-by-play and officiate to ensure neither side feels ripped off. We also have books from Green Candy Press to give away this week. has 15 petitions on asking for states to cede from the union. The one gaining the most ground is Louisianna and Texas. Both will probably get the necessary 25,000 virtual signatures to receive an answer from the white house.

Besides our new time slot 7-10:20 pm EST or 4-720pm PST we have a new announcer Jay Danger. Danger is also responsible for keeping the show running in a timely manner and he’ll be at the back calling out 420, Skype guests and next topics. Chris Goodwin is operating the tech board and accepting Vapor Central skype calls.