MLA Kash Heed: Canada Should Vote to Legalize Pot Too

POT TV – MLA Kash Heed, a former police chief and solicitor general, says Canada should follow in the footsteps of Washington State and Colorado in efforts to legalize marijuana for all adults.

From CTV:

A former Vancouver police officer is pleased that voters in Colorado and Washington state have voted in favour of legalizing marijuana, and he hopes that Canadian laws are next to change.

While U.S. President Barack Obama was being re-elected Tuesday night, Washington and Colorado were quietly approving amendments calling for the legalization of the adult use of marijuana.

Kash Heed, now an MLA for Vancouver-Fraserview, says it’s high time Canada changed its laws too, because the war on marijuana is simply not working.

“We have been fighting a losing cause for quite some time,” he told CTV’s Canada AM from Vancouver Thursday.

“I’ve witnessed it on the streets of Vancouver. We continue to try to arrest our way out of the problem. We continue to allow criminal organizations to benefit from marijuana prohibition. We should actually be regulating and taxing it.”

Heed, who spent more than 30 years in law enforcement, says he’s been watching the marijuana movement in the U.S. for some time and is not surprised Washington and Colorado voted the way they did.

“They want to stop chasing criminals around and treating people as criminals for the possession of marijuana. Instead, they want to regulate the industry, tax the industry and take the profits away from criminal organizations that are involved in the black market of marijuana,” he said.

If pot does become legal in Colorado and Washington, it will eventually benefit B.C., Heed says.

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  1. Anonymous on

    That is the most intelligent comment I have ever read on Cannabis Culture web site.This could not come at a better time.Mr Heed is truly making the cause of cannabis advance in Canada

  2. Guitrod on

    Our government does not listen to people of intelligence and experience such as Mr. Kash Heed.
    They are made up of cement heads living in the past who force millions of Canadians to submit to their supreme authority. The current justice system does not have the respect of the majority of Canadians. They prey on their own citizens who don’t aren’t right wing Christian idealists. The moral issue is the abuse of power and misuse of taxpayers hard earned dollars which are being frivolously wasted on cannabis prohibition. The money would be far better spent on reducing the deficit which would benefit all Canadians.