CBC’s The National: Canadian Activists Celebrate US Marijuana Legalization

POT TV – CBC News’ Duncan McCue reports from the Election Night celebration at marijuana legalization headquarters in Washington State.

CBC cameras follow Jodie Emery, publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV, who attended the election night party for Initiative 502 in Seattle. Jodie and her husband, US-imprisoned Canadian activist “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery, were official endorsers of I-502.




  1. Kim on

    free at last free at last……..
    there’s a crack in the wall
    and water is slipping through……
    come polls plug the leak…never….

  2. bb54 on

    we have all the reasons in the world to be proud and happy of marijuana legalization in the states of colorado and washington.As they say the grass is always greener in next door neighbor.And now this has never been so true.
    In contrast the marijuana situation in Canada has never been so bad.Canada is a country divided so much.There is not a national effort to do anything in favor of decriminalization or legalization.BC is a province who wants to do things on their own.Manitoba and Saskatchewan dont want to hear about medical marijuana and the rests of the provinces are adopting a wait and see attitude.The federal government is hitting the consumers and growers with inhumane laws.And political parties including the NDP have nothing to offer the Canadians regarding marijuana legalization.
    I once believed that Canada had much to offer but not anymore.
    When you sit down and take a minute to think about how desperate the situation is in Canada you will seriously shed a lot of tears. What in the world have we done to become entangled into this police state that is Canada ? Well for one thing we elected the conservatives.The next thing is that all the people in Canada never insisted enough from their elected representatives that something serious be done about marijuana legalization. Jodie Emery is a great marijuana activist but we need millions of people like her to be able to bend the JUstice in favor of marijuana