The Mernahuana Show: LIVE in HD 1080p

POT TV – Cannabis Champion of the World Matt Mernagh presents his LIVE show on the Pot TV Network. It’s the Toronto City Hall edition of The Mernahuana Show, Tues Oct. 30. We are going to attempt to webcast live on Pot TV from inside Toronto city hall lobby at 420 pm EST to address growing concerns regarding the vapour lounge review. Our regularly scheduled stoner nuttiness will happen at our NEW START TIME 7pm EST at Vapor Central.

The vapor lounge item is up for full council debate, but a specific time is unknown as city council runs over two days and the agenda is the size of a small city phone book. Depending on deb
ates, it could go up before 420, or it could the next day.

Follow me on Twitter for as it happens details. My astute political knowledge has this item passing with no debate, but I could be mistaken. After it passes the executive staff (ie Mayor Ford’s staffers) will write a vapor lounge bylaw that takes into account Health Canada legal medical marihuana users, but would prohibit others from toking there.

Until we see the bylaw we don’t really know what we are dealing with, but anticipate based on the first report something not good. Toronto Police Service have mislead council in their letter and I don’t think anyone is going to notice.

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We toke about all this on Pot TV and much much more. Plus we have Potheads Who Don’t Smoke Schwag live at Vapor Central, Tuesday, Oct. 9, at 420.