Stoner Sundays 082: Mike Rita Open Mic HD @VaporCentral

POTion TV – Stalker Sundays at Vapor Cemetery with your host Dyke Rita Tonight at 9pm. The PRE-HAUL-O’-WEED SPOOKTACULAR at VC! Catch their most hor-REEFER-ic, distur-BONG-ing and frighten-NUG-ing material yet! So deadly, even zombies are afraid to toke on it! 667 YONGE. 9PM. Help Kill a Walking Dead Comic FREE CURSE WITH ADMISSION.

It’s 8:45pm on show night and although it’s scheduled to begin in 15 minutes, Rita won’t take the stage for another half hour because… well, what’s the rush? I mean, most of the audience is zombified – hitting a plethora of smoking apparatus; a bong here, volcano there. They aren’t going anywhere. Although Rita would prefer punctuality, his 18-month experience as the Don of Stoner Sundays has taught him to patiently wait for the audience to arrive.
And they do. Continuously. For 45 minutes.

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