The Mernahuana Show: Matt Mernagh

POT TV – Cannabis Champion of the World Matt Mernagh presents his LIVE show on the Pot TV Network. Today on The Mernahuana Show tune in, toke up, take over in front of a stoned studio audience at Vapor Central. The Mernahuana Show presents a hashcore bong ripping and making session on this week’s edition, Oct. 23, 2012 at 4pm EST or 1pm PST on Vapor Central Network.

After much McGuinty like promises host Matt Mernagh finally delivers on live pumpkin bong making. Pre-show discussion with Potheads Who Don’t Smoke Schwag has us believing we can pull the guts out of a pumpkin using just a coat hanger. Tune in to hear our reasons why this will make for a better bong. Jet Filtration Systems sent me their Subzero bong with a kickass carb and computational diffuser, which will go perfect in my new chill space. Plenty of pre-show tokes were done to ensure we don’t look foolish when ripping this incredibly awesome bad boy. Friends came out to help move my marijuana grow room and we set up a sandbagging line to move marijuana plants. I’ll be reading from my Marijuana Smokers Guidebook, overseeing 420 Stoner Swap and ranting heavily about Guilty By Association and Toronto Vapor Lounge Review.

We won’t be talking at all about the U.S. election at all, but will be speaking about our adoration of The Zombie Walk, Durham by-election, and a Freedom Walker. Now webcasting in full on HD 1080p widescreen because we have tokenology that some other potheads don’t. Heck, if I wasn’t hosting the show, I’d tune in at home at 4pm EST or 1pm PST because the virtual session is just like we are in your space.

The Mernahuana Show is webcast on Pot TV Network before a live studio audience at Vapor Central (667 Yonge St. Second Flr) every Tuesday from 4:20 – 7:20. Grow a revolution!

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What are they ruling on in there? No news is good news, right? Ontario Court of Appeal continues to ponder about my and Canada’s collective cannabis future via R v. Mernagh. What’s that? Oh yes, Matt Mernagh’s book is number one on the Amazon Best Sellers list for Pop Culture, beating out one of my writing icons, Hunter S Thompson. Did I mention the book isn’t actually on shelves until December 11th?

Pre-Order your copy RIGHT NOW.

We toke about all this on Pot TV and much much more. Plus we have Potheads Who Don’t Smoke Schwag live at Vapor Central, Tuesday, Oct. 9, at 420.