Mernagh Grows Marijuana: LIVE

POT TV – Legal marijuana grower Matt Mernagh invites you to view his secret garden on the Pot TV Network. In this clip: Kannabia Seeds White Domina is in third week of marijuana flowering. At least Vapor Central’s Chris Goodwin will stop asking ‘are you going to do a grow show this week?

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Watch Cannabis Champ Matt Mernagh broadcast from his garden every Thursday at 4PM Pacific (7PM Eastern) on Mernagh Grows Marijuana LIVE on Pot TV.

He’s back like a midseason replacement. After a lengthy time away from the computer screen, demand to see legal grower Matt Mernagh grow room on is too overwhelming to ignore.

Welcome to the grow room, this is Mernagh’s inner sanctum, his personal retreat. It’s the place he goes to unwind from R v. Mernagh and stressors of life. Sitting and inhaling deep breaths of awesomeness because to Mernagh medical marijuana isn’t just the end product, but also the process it takes to get there. He’s a terrible teacher, but he does know is marijuana strains.

Today’s program is packed with forty marijuana plants in veg growth requiring extra attention. Mernagh intends to stake, chop undergrowth, and generally prepare the cannabis plants for 12/12 flowering. A few days ago marijuana seeds from Jordan of the Islands were germinated (OH God, God Bud, Hashberry, God’s AK-47) and today they’ll be planted in coco.
Marijuana strains you will see Thursday Oct 11 at 7 p.m. EST on Pot TV (repeats)

Acapulco Gold – Barney’s Farm
L.S.D. – Barney’s Farm
K-Train – Green House Seeds
Y Griega -medicinalSeeds
Chronic – Serious Seeds
Amnesia Haze – Royal Queen Seeds
Sour Amnesia – Hortilab
Fruit of the Gods – Delta 9 Labs
Cannasutra – Delta 9 Labs
Qusar – Buddha Seeds
It’s a busy day of growing medical cannabis on