Urban Grower: Super Hash Joint

POT TV – The Urban Grower takes a moment to get mediated with a high-grade Super Hash Joint.

Remo the “Urban Grower” has been growing medical-grade cannabis for over 10 years and has become a well-known figure in the medical marijuana industry in Canada and internationally. Remo began producing episodes of Urban Grower on YouTube back in 2006, and has received almost 18 million total views.

You can now find The Urban Grower on Pot TV or go to The Urban Grower website for more episodes and information.



  1. Dabstar310 on

    Where did he get this thing?? I have got to get one.

  2. Anonymous on

    Does Urban Grower ever sober up ? Weed or hash is best enjoyed if you sober up in-between no matter how good your stash is it is always better if you have a few hours during the day without it then a few days without it when you can. Those who need it medically every day don’t get that high anyway. UG really does seem to enjoy his medicine but does he have a medical condition that it alleviates because it would be nice to know how effective all this super weed and hash is as medicine. This aspect is often missed when assessing different samples of weed and would be of interest to many people. Just because it tastes nice and gets you really high does not always mean it is good medicine as well.

  3. Anonymous on

    Oh… My… God…

    My panties are wet… from the saliva drooling down.

    That I’m sure would knock out any pain and put one into bliss simultaneously (I noticed your grin towards end of video). You must be rich to enjoy such an incredible smoke. When I win a lotto, or when weed is legal & very cheap, I’m gonna have to try one of those. For now no such luxury. That tube you sucked on would have kept me medicated for quite a few days. Probably a few weeks since I don’t hurt daily.

    WOW! I’m impressed.

  4. Rider on

    Cool joint. Reality check:

    1. “medical grade marijuana” = high quality marijuana
    2. “let’s medicate” = let’s get high

  5. bb54 on

    Hash to Hash, dust to dust…