TheWeedGuy’s Court Case and Constitutional Challenge

POT TV – TheWeedGuy, aka Mark Klokeid, is founder of and the iMedikate medical marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver. Watch his weekly show on Pot TV.

Message from Mark: “My mom and I need your Help to fight for marijuana rights. Police posed as a patient at the iMedikate location on Renfrew street and had it shut down. My mom and I were charged and are fighting those charges.”


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  1. CanadianGiant on

    I see the donation link above , thank you.

  2. CanadianGiant on

    Your story is so similar to mine.I been through six brutal raids since 1978 because i use medical cannabis for pain and depression but whats worse now is the post traumatic stress i have, after been held at gunpoint so many times.My mother has unfortunatly been home for four of my raids and she is so terrified to see assult rifles , tasers ,and other weapons , any more.
    She is 78 years old and i,m trying to protect her. Even with a Health Canada lisence to grow and possess medical cannabis, i,m still being harrassed by the police, my house was seized by the feds under bill C-10,and i,m fighting three charges for growing and possessing cannabis.The persecution from my local police and the federal government has been vicious and non-stop.I think they want to cause me as much pain as possible because i stood up to all of them.I cursed at them when they raided me and i don,t care.
    Free Marc Emery, and then they can talk to me.
    Let me know how i can donate. I don,t have much money, but we really need a constitutional challenge to Bill C-10 and the whole issue surrounding medical cannabis.We support you.Take care.