Sensible BC Public Forum on Cannabis: Attorney Kirk Tousaw

POT TV – Sensible BC’s Public Forum on Sensible Cannabis Policy was held on on September 24, 2012 in Victoria to examine the benefits of marijuana decriminalization. Kirk Tousaw is an attorney who works mostly with cannabis-related cases and knows first hand the destruction prohibition has caused to Canadian families.

The campaign, organized by Dana Larsen, will set out to gather enough signatures for the province of BC to hold a referendum in 2014. Find out how we can decriminalize cannabis in BC, what we need to do to have a referendum, and how you can be part of the solution at

The public forum featured a panel of experts from the health, legal and political professions speaking on the failures of cannabis prohibition.


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  1. Guitrod on

    Ending cannabis prohibition in Canada would take most of the fun out of smoking it, thereby reducing recreational use. Most younger people who start smoking it are just rebelling at the system which is hypocritical to say the least. Many of them have seen the stupidity that goes with alcohol abuse by observing their parents and their friends get drunk. It definitely opened my eyes when I was younger as my alcoholic army father was both physically and verbally abusive towards me. When he found out that I was smoking pot he went off the deep end and my life turned to hell. At 77 he only now admits that our family dis functionality wasn’t caused by my pot use. The fight continues for the right of freedom of choice.