The Mernahuana Show: Stoned on SciFi

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Today on The Mernahuana Show we ask does great bud make bad sci good? Are stoners more prone to enjoying sci fi? What are they ruling on in there? We do have a date for my debut book – a guide to marijuana strains unlike other guides I toke em all.

Are potheads more prone to enjoying science fiction than non potheads? Is the sci fi genre the most ganja friendly? Does marijuana make bad sci fi good? These are important questions we’re going to ask on The Mernahuana Show today on Pot TV. This summer I watched Dune at least a half dozen to a dozen times, but I can’t say that about Cheech n Chong.

Blazing and turning on the Space Network is something many stoners do. In fact I’d suggest the Space demographic is made up mostly of stoners and nerds. And some of those pencil neck geek nerds are also nug loving nerds who also watch Star Trek and toke, break up bud to Battlestar Galactica and session in phone booths just hoping Dr. Who will be there to greet them.

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What are they ruling on in there? No news is good news, right? Ontario Court of Appeal continues to ponder about my and Canada’s collective cannabis future via R v. Mernagh. We spent a great deal of time doing preparation for this case, almost four months daily for trial, several months every day on the appeal and the years of working our way through the courts to get to a position to strike down the laws and the program – I’m ok with justices taking their time.

“It is long past time for the government to provide the medical access to marihuana that was directed by the Parker court over ten years ago and the subsequent decision and reservations expressed in Hitzig.” R v Mernagh [335]

What if the only way to provide this medical access is to strike down Canada’s marijuana laws for personal possession and production?

We do know for sure, my debut book, Marijuana Smokers Guide: The Easy Way To Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains is available Dec. 11 from Amazon. “Every single strain in this book has been smoked by Matt Mernagh himself, with an informative, original and entertaining write up and high resolution photo to bring you up to speed on your weed.”

Not as easy as potheads think. Super enjoyable, but it’s not just toking a marijuana strain. You need to write weedy review words! By the third or fourth strong powerful potent indica of your day the Lester Bangs / Exclaim, review writing style I was going for became a cannabis challenge. During a major edit I realized I used the exact sentence twice to describe two different strains. In the exact same spot no less. Rest assured the word ‘dank’ doesn’t appear 150 times.

We toke about all this on Pot TV and much much more. Plus we have Potheads Who Don’t Smoke Schwag live at Vapor Central, Tuesday, Oct. 2, at 420.