The Mernahuana Show: 067 Pot Use Down Edition

POT TV – Cannabis Champion of the World Matt Mernagh presents his LIVE show on the Pot TV Network. Today: POT USE IS DOWN! OH MY GAWD! Health Canada is claiming cannabis use among Canadians is down.

The tough on toker Tory government must be exceedingly happy with this supposed result, but Tuesday, Sept. 25 on The Mernahuana Show, cannabis champion, Matt Mernagh explains why this is has nothing to do with their criminal justice agenda.

Stoners are not telling everyone and anyone they smoke weed. That’s what’s actually down. Imagine your blazing a joint and the phone rings and it’s someone from Health Canada conducting a survey on drug use are you

a) tell the truth you’re stoned right now
b) lie and claim you’re not high

Unless you’re a regular pothead patron at Vapor Central chances are you’re not going to tell the truth. That’s because the Tory government has created an environment where people are coy and lie. Back when God Bud was popular, even our Prime Minister was telling people he was looking forward to smoking weed. What happened?

We are going to have a stoned discussion about the best weed in the world. That’s a really good question and I’m going to punch those keywords into Google and let you know their answer. We’ll also talk about the most common types of marijuana. That’s be gotta be some kind of kush.

Despite my seizures I’ve learned Dana Larsen is doing something about decriminalizing cannabis in B.C. with his Sensible BC campaign. In Ontario we have a wonderful women walking 160+ KM from Peterborough to Queens Park to raise awareness of medical marijuana. Like Larsen, she too is talking about cannabis legalization as a provincial matter. I’m sure the potheads who don’t smoke schwag will have something to toke about. If they don’t they can yak about what strain is my weed.


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  1. beatnuck on

    The results showing a drop in marijuana use, while not consistent with what I’ve seen in Vancouver, is perfectly consistent with what I’ve seen in Northern British Columbia. After years of the RCMP targeting small-time marijuana sellers in towns like Prince George, Williams Lake, and Terrace, there has been a definite shift to cocaine. It’s not hard to see why.

    Dealers are getting the message. It is far too risky to sell pot as compared to cocaine. First, pot stinks, while coke is odourless. Second, pot is bulky, while coke is concentrated. Third, marijuana has been at the heart of the so-called “drug war” (which is not a “drug-war” at all but a “war against pot”) waged by the Conservative government, while at the same time the same Conservatives have instructed the RCMP to “look the other way” when it comes to cocaine. If you want to get busted, sell pot. If you want to get away with selling drugs, sell coke.

    As a result, in the past six years, there’s been an explosion of cocaine, gangs, and illegal weapons flooding towns like Prince George, now recognized by MacLeans Magazine as the most dangerous city in Canada. In Hazelton, following Operation E-Parkway, which targetted small-time pot sellers, youth suicide attempts increased by a factor of six, as a result of youth turning to coke and alcohol due to the shortage of pot on the street.

    Six years ago, pot was easy to find in our small town. But due to the incessant campaign of the RCMP to stamp out local marijuana grow-ops, it’s now practically impossible to find any pot. When it is available, the price is about twice that of the going rate in Vancouver. I’ve been looking for weed for two weeks and can’t find any. On the other hand, I could easily purchase cocaine, which is everywhere.

    So, if teh statistics show a decline in marijuana use, I’m not at all surprised. What would surprise me would be statistics that fail to show a significant increase in cocaine use.