Jodie Emery on The Roy Green Show PODCAST

POT TV – From The Roy Green Show: Jodie Emery strongly supports her husband Marc and has visited him at the Mississippi prison last weekend. She joins us minutes after leaving the prison. Guest: Jodie Emery.

More Jodie Emery. November three U.S. states will vote on legalizing marijuana use by adults. Colorado, Oregon and Washington. Marc Emery (aka The King of Pot) continues to serve his five year prison sentence in Mississippi for selling marijuana seeds to Americans from his B.C. hemp store. Emery last week wrote an article which appeared in the Huffington Post in which he is strongly critical of U.S. President Barack Obama and Obama’s lack of action to meaningfully change laws governing the prohibition on marijuana.

The Huffington Post asked Marc to write an article, which was posted online as part of the coverage of the Republican and Democratic conventions. His article is called “Our Missed Opportunity”.

Marc’s latest blog is also available online at Cannabis Culture.

From The Roy Green Show PODCAST

Marc Emery, aka The King of Pot, wrote an article carried by the Huffington Post in which he challenged U.S. President Obama on what Emery contends is Obama’s poor record of delivering enlightened change to illegal drug laws. Marc Emery continues to serve a five year prison term for selling marijuana seeds to Americans from his B.C. hemp store. We’ll talk to Jodie Emery, Marc’s wife.

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  1. Anonymous on

    He’s being paid $1,000,000 per year to live in US prison. The job was tough at first in Georgia but now it’s pretty easy. Of course, he doesn’t actually have the 5 mil, because he gave it away but on the good side the US didn’t make him pay it all back so all he has to do is pay several hundred thousand to the Canadian tax department and he will have been a successful US money redistribution agent, distributing much of it to the Canadian government who, like the US, are happy to accept the proceeds of crime. They will use that money to buy US products thereby completing the money laundering process. Canada was Emery’s backers. They let him operate the business for years and years knowing exactly what he was doing and where the tax money he was paying originated. Oddly, I haven’t seen Canada volunteering to send that money to the US to use to fund preventing Canada from doing the same thing with countless other companies, like they’re doing right now. The US really does need to crack down on Canada. I think the DEA should hit Harper in the head with a club. That always seems to help.