The Mernahuana Show: Blowing Smoke On 9/11

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Do you know what day it is? It’s Tuesday and The Mernahuana Show is gearing up for a great afternoon of marijuana vaporizing and dabbing. After a summer of use by Toronto Police Service, the RooR canna champ bong is finally returned. I’m still having problems getting my medical marijuana back, but my RooR bong is safely home. It needs a good stoner scrubbing and the staff at Vapor Central will doing their best to remove the smell of bacon before we use it. It’s possible the police have held the bong longer than I owned it. We’ll have to get out fact checker to do the math on that.

Many of the Potheads Who Dont Smoke Schwag are suffering from chronic pain. And I’m not talking about the lack of cannabis a
Don’t expect a 9/11 memorial show because our host and many of The Potheads Who Don’t Smoke Schwag believe it was inside job. We’re not webcast on the Fox News Network or The Sun Channel so we won’t be blowing smoke up your ass about 9/11. We’re webcast on The Pot TV Network and have the same journalism standards as the aforementioned stations. Maybe more because potheads can’t possible take our reefer ranting seriously.

After last weeks Mernagh and his crazy color toking pants show, this week’s webcast will be a toned down toker affair. Vice presidential campaigns are talking to tokers about medical marijuana and the importance of state rights. I’m certain this is just a flashback. The Victoria Medical Marijuana Club was hit with a $147,000 tax bill. I didn’t know sales of Ted Smith’s book had been so amazing.

Main topics will be, how marijuana (and maybe my Twitter account) has connected me to subcultures of people that I would haven’t socialized with otherwise. Our only common theme is toking and that’s enough to help us understand each other. Whether it’s generational gaps, music or style differences, Apple vs Android, it doesn’t matter because bud brings us together. Finally I’m going to rant about the importance of growing your own marijuana. The fall has arrived it’s time to fire up the indoor lights and get your green thumb on. The Mernagh ruling isn’t about doctor shopping, it’s about growing your own marijuana. My problem is, if I tell medical marijuana people to just grow their own and they get caught, like my popular How To series, these people comeback with an intense blame game. Govern yourself accordingly, but I’m all about growing my own medicine.

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