The Russ Belville Show on Pot TV

POT TV – Radical’ Russ Belville is back on the air starting today at 1PM PST with the (fully-independent) Russ Belville Show. Visit Pot TV to watch the LIVE broadcast.

[Note: The Russ Belville show will be available LIVE on the home page of Pot TV but will not be broadcast live on the Pot TV Livestream account.]

From The Russ Belville Show website: We are so honored and thrilled that our newly independent production of The Russ Belville Show will be carried on two of the hottest cannabis websites on the net! We’re back on LIVE at our new time, 1pm Pacific Time, starting Monday, September 10th, and repeating every three hours.

While our prime streaming outlet is right here at, this show is now a public service for the legalization community and you are welcome to embed our live feed on your websites and Facebooks – check out our Webmaster Tools.

Big thanks to our new partners at THE Weed Blog. They are helping us to host and optimize our website to gain the maximum possible exposure for our legalization message. You’ll find many of the Radical Rants posted on THE Weed Blog as well, plus Johnny Green and Ninja Smoker will stop by from time to time.

More big thanks to my friends at Cannabis Culture Magazine up north and Marc Emery’s Pot.TV. I couldn’t be happier that our show will be carried live on the longest-running marijuana video network on the planet. We’ll see you all on Monday.