Obama Calls On Hollywood to Make You Forget Medical Marijuana Raids

POT TV – President Obama calls out to all pot heads to support him this next election, but are his pleas simply Hollywood smoke and mirrors?



  1. Anonymous on

    You really think that voting for a 3rd party candidate will do any good? Or even by not voting, that is some kind of a statement? What YOU need is a better understanding of how the US political system works. Voting for a 3rd party candidate or not voting this election accomplishes the same thing: NOTHING.

    With the choice between a Democrat who MIGHT legalize marijuana vs. a Republican who would NEVER, I’ll take the Democrat any day.

    He’s not perfect, but Obama is the best choice for a progressive United States.

  2. Anonymous on

    Neither is a good choice and the fact that you picked the worst president we’ve EVER had(yes, he makes Bush look better) shows just how fooled you are. Stop encouraging people to vote for that lying two-faced smug prick. Take your votes elsewhere or make a statement and don’t vote the president at all.

  3. Anonymous on

    Obama is a much more appropriate choice than Romney…

  4. Guitrod on

    Obama is probably the only choice in the next election. Sad for the American cannabis community with numbers in the tens of millions. His actions & non action on cannabis laws will likely cost him dearly. You are talking a lot of votes.
    We are not much better off up here in Canada where the long arm of the DEA has planted it’s tentacles. Meanwhile pot users are forced to pay billions in taxes to support their own persecution.
    Obama: Promises are promises. Lying will catch up to you.

  5. Anonymous on

    Hey Barrack we counted on you, but you went against your word and raided legal marijuana dispensaries anyway; but we need your support because there is a lot at stake here. You lied to us once, the dream is gone, why should we trust you again? Our long-term memory is sharper than yours; relax we just need some information. We need to know if you are on board. Hello? Hello? I don’t understand, He just keeps hanging up, is there someone else there to answer? (With apologies to Ron Paul, and ‘Pink Floyd’)

  6. Empty Pockets on

    Wow! What an insult to those who have suffered through President Obama’s many DEA raids on compassion care providers and the numerous arrests of Medical Cannabis Patients. The hypocrisy of this man given his past enjoyment of Hawaii’s finest pot is over the top! I voted for him the first time around—time for Governor Gary Johnson in 2012!!! Two things I can not tolerate in a politician are hypocrisy and lies. This President has failed the test.