The Mernahuana Show: CANNABIS CHAMPION

POT TV – Cannabis Champion of the World Matt Mernagh presents his LIVE show on the Pot TV Network.

Welcome back! After two weeks of vacation during the high holiday season, The Mernahuana Show returns with a bong ripping barn burner for Tuesday Sept. 4. Has Amsterdam marijuana gone to pot? Cannabis Champion Matt Mernagh returns with his detailed findings and amazing spaced out pants. Is the weed pass coming and will the city of Amsterdam be worth visiting if it goes through? If tourists can’t buy cannabis what’s the point visiting?

The museum and history is great, but way more entertaining when you’re stoned. Besides I couldn’t do a lengthy vacation without toking because of my brain tumor. Marijuana makes life beautiful and bearable. Today, Tuesday, Sept. 4, I Woke up with a terrible headache again today and I’m still suffering some side effects from my awesome travels.

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