Dubious Study Says Marijuana and Low IQ Scores Related

POT TV – Global TV covers a recent study from New Zealand that claims chronic marijuana use as an adolescent is related to lowered IQ testing scores. Video features sensible comments by Cannabis Culture publisher Jodie Emery.

What the study (and Global TV) fail to mention is that the study does NOT show evidence of a causal relationship, but merely a correlation between the two. There is NO evidence that marijuana causes low IQ scores.

It is the opinion of the editors of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV that the study is suspect for several reasons, and is being used as the basis for dubious media stories. Find out more in this episode of From Under the Influence on Pot TV.



  1. Anonymous on

    True, keep in mind this study only shows this effect in teens who use it basically all the time. (not occasional or recreational in moderation) Their finding’s don’t’ surprise me.

    The same study also didn’t find any IQ drop correlation with adults who use it heavily and regularly. That shows that it can be used responsibly by adults np… without any consequence really.

    try getting teens to drink alcohol daily which is legal of course… and then try this experiment again. 🙂

  2. Anonymous on

    Even if cannabis was linked to lower IQ, it doesn’t justify imprisoning users.

  3. Paul Pot on

    Look at where this study came from, New Zealand, the nation with the highest use of marijuana in the world.
    So they must be a nation of morons if this is true.
    The fact is this study/propaganda was produced as result of this revelation that NZ people vote against the stupidity of the drug war with their lungs at a higher rate than anyone in the world. And the police who run NZ are too stupid and corrupt to admit that the game is up.
    NZ’s extreme rate of marijuana consumption makes the police and government of NZ the biggest most pathetic losers in the whole world, it is they who are appallingly stupid and corrupt and well below average IQ.
    Hopefully there will be a positive result for the marijuana ballot initiatives in the US this year that will shake the whole world.
    If you are able, please register to vote for marijuana reform this year.
    War is Over!