How Long Do You Fight a War That Cannot Be Won?

POT TV – MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell gives an impassioned editorial speech about the futility of the War on Drugs and asks, “How long do you fight a war that cannot be won?”



  1. Anonymous on

    It’s job security for the feds.

  2. Dave on

    Why doesn’t this make sense to the bullies? I’ll tell you why, “they have a vested self-interest in keeping it going”!

  3. Guitrod on

    Many wars reach a stalemate whereby peace eventually results. Holy wars can last a 1000 years. The war on drugs has the making of a holy war which will never be won. If a person is old enough to vote or own a gun that person should have the knowledge & right to choose their drug of choice. in many cases it is pot over alcohol or both. the government propaganda tries to make drug users appear inhuman & nu-intelligent. it is no coincidence that the vast majority arrested for simple possession are Blacks & Hispanics. The white religious sect or rulers of America haven’t changed much since the slave days. By persecuting they remain in control. They are now also persecuting young white kids & adults as well. It doesn’t make a difference with pot consumption as even teenagers are smart enough to know the laws are based mostly on lies. They will take their chances & smoke anyway. America should hold its head in shame for the situation in Mexico. Shame on you.