The Mernahuana Show: RCMP & Canada Border Services, Vapor Lounges & Toronto City Hall

POT TV – Cannabis Champion of the World Matt Mernagh presents his LIVE show on the Pot TV Network.

After last weeks Dude-tactular show, The Mernahuana Show will be having another secret weedy word challenge. Like Pee Wee’s Playhouse, when host Matt Mernagh says our secret stoner saying – everyone in Vapor Central and watching our webcast should maybe consider you know inhale THC. I think that’s what he did on his show. Whether its a bong rip, firing up a joint, inhaling a vapor bag or doing a dab, when you hear the secret saying spark it up. WATCH TODAY from 4:20PM EST – 4:20PM PST

Once everyone is thoroughly having a ganja good time, Mernagh intends to spring The Jordan of the Island God’s White Lightning Round on three unsuspecting co-hosts. Participate by throwing out words in the chat. The Potheads Who Don’t Smoke Schwag send good healing vibes to our downed buddy Bud Cannabus, who has been placed on the disabled list. Coach Mernahuana believes he has enough talented tokers on his roster to continue fighting the man without making any garden city call-ups. Throughout the show, Mernagh encourages everyone to pray for his atheist chum by taking tokes.

Last week staycation is discussed; harbor cruise, beach day, jays game, return of craft day, and dinner with Voodoo family. Like is there anything to do in Toronto that’s not fun? The Amsterdam postcard campaign is explained. Want a postcard from Amsterdam? There’s a plan for that. How close are we to a R v. Mernagh ruling, possibly this week or next? Before Mernagh goes on holiday? Get in on the predictions!
Trailer Park Boy Cory Bowles performed on Vapor Central stage on Weedy Wednesday and Matt Oliver will talk excitedly about how awesome the experience was. Best you could hear every word Bowles said in the lounge and during the webcast. We smoke the Jays while talking about the Jays. RooR Bong Ransom update, report from the bowels of Ontario Municipal Board hearings on Yonge-Dundas Square development and finally this weeks overall theme Do The Right Thing.

Same toking time (4pm EST),
Same bong ripping day (Tuesday)
Same cannabis channel (Pot TV Network)

Tune in, toke up, take over, today at 420 on Pot TV Network.

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