Watch LIVE: The Kush Cup in Vancouver

POT TV – The Kush Cup is this weekend (July 27 – 29) and Pot TV will be broadcasting LIVE from the many Vancouver venues playing host. Tune in for marijuana strains from Canada’s finest growers, high-class musical acts, and much, much more.


The Kush Cup will feature a medical marijuana competition, live music, live glassblowing, a boat cruise, a laser show, a fireworks display, the Ultimate Ice Cream Judging Experience, multiple smoke-friendly parties, the Kush Cup award ceremony and more.

Live music from The Rascalz, Swollen Members and Moka Only, Bizarre, Incura, Mr. Fantastik, Remi, Godfathers of Love, Southern Death Threat, MC Creed, Surrey Kings, and Don Castro.

Judge’s Passes are $250 and available to anyone with a federal medical marijuana licence, membership to a dispensary, or recommendation from a doctor. Those without med-pot paperwork are free to purchase Full Weekend Music Passes for $150, which includes entry to all music events after 7pm but excludes access to judging events and the boat cruise. Single Day Music Passes are available for $55. Locations of events are revealed to attendees upon purchase of tickets.

Judges packs include 1g samples of each of the 10 – 20 entries, as well as a titanium grinder, a limited edition Kush Cup t-shirt, and medicated edibles.

Read this CC article about the Kush Cup or go to for more info.



  1. Fulton on

    I agree with the anonymous viewer. I would like to see some diversity, such as cooking, growing, sights of Vancouver, or all around the B.C. area. Being from the States I like shows such as this but also enjoy variety. Keep it up. Peace To All. Bong Up, Free Marc.

  2. Anonymous on

    Hello, I am watching your live feed and have some suggestions. Instead of talking heads and people rolling and smoking joints, have some diversity and fun things to look at. Show buds, growing classes, attractive people, interesting events, Vancouver, etc.
    The way this current potcast makes it seem this event is a bunch of guys sitting around getting blasted. Television needs to be dynamic and interesting if it is to be successful.