The Kush Cup: Medical Marijuana Competition, Music, and Much, Much More

CANNABIS CULTURE – This one is going to be big: A three-day marijuana judging event that promises to be much more than just a marijuana judging event, The Kush Cup, is coming to Vancouver this weekend (July 27 – 29).


Modeled loosely on forefathers like the Cannabis Culture Toker’s Bowl and High Times Cannabis Cup, The Kush Cup will feature a selection of strains from “the finest growers in Canada” in competition, as well as three days of live music, live glassblowing, a boat cruise, a laser show, a fireworks display, the Ultimate Ice Cream Judging Experience, multiple smoke-friendly parties and (if you can believe it) even more!

“It started out as something that I wanted to revitalize since Michelle Rainey had done it. The [CC Tokers Bowl] was epic and I wanted to repeat that,” Kush Cup creator Mark Klokeid, told Cannabis Culture News LIVE. “We’ve talked about it for the last couple of years and I just finally took the initiative.”

Klokeid (also known as TheWeedGuy to Pot TV viewers) is a medical marijuana grower and founder of and the iMedikate medical marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver. Klokeid is also know for throwing epic pot parties that correspond with protests like Toronto’s Global Marijuana March – but it looks like he may outdo himself this time.

Judge’s Passes are $250 and available to anyone with a federal medical marijuana licence, membership to a dispensary, or recommendation from a doctor. Those without med-pot paperwork are free to purchase Full Weekend Music Passes for $150, which includes entry to all music events after 7pm but excludes access to judging events and the boat cruise. Single Day Music Passes are available for $55. Locations of events are revealed to attendees upon purchase of tickets.

Judges packs include 1g samples of each of the 10 – 20 entries, as well as a titanium grinder, a limited edition Kush Cup t-shirt, and medicated edibles.

The Kush Cup boasts an impressive line-up of musical acts at smoke-friendly venues with Vancouver favorites like The Rascalz and Swollen Members (in a rare collabo with former group member Moka Only).

Watch a Kush Cup promo video from Rascal Red1:

Watch a Kush Cup promo video from Swollen Member Prevail:

Other local acts include Incura, Godfathers of Love, Southern Death Threat, MC Creed, Surrey Kings, and Don Castro.

Also on the list, making the trip all the way from Detroit, is larger-than-life rapper Bizarre. Known predominately as the fat weirdo from Eminem’s group D12, his latest track, “My Mom’s A Stoner”, is an intimate and almost touching look inside Bizarre’s life with his foster family – and it’s a weed anthem. Bizarre.

Watch a Kush Cup promo video featuring a weed-blazing Bizarre:

Multiple Vancouver venues will play host to the music and VIP parties. Several local pot spots across the city, like the Vancouver Seed Bank, will open VIP lounges for judges to medicate and meditate on the competing cannabis contenders. To heighten highs over the three days, Klokeid has planned visual arts performances and a custom laser show, as well as a fireworks show at Oppenheimer Park. Local glassblowing guru Redbeard will be demonstrating his skills on site, and the Budder King Budder Booth will be serving free budder to all patients.

Adam Scorgie and Brett Harvey, makers of the pot documentary The Union, will be special guests, with planned screenings of the film all weekend. Other VIP guests include Remo The Urban Grower, Pot TV’s Marijuana Man, Cannabis Historian Chris Bennett and many others.

On Saturday, judges hit the high seas for food, drinks and non-stop smoking during a three-hour boat cruise on the 90-foot Burrard Queen cruise ship.

If judges can find the time, there’s still “The Ultimate Ice Cream Judging Experience”, with free gelato from the ridiculously delicious and ridiculously huge La Casa Gelato – choose from 218 flavours!

Major sponsors of the event include Advanced Nutrients, Red Bull, Treating Yourself Magazine, Skunk Magazine, Urban Grower Online, and iMedikate.

“There’s companies that are willing to take the risk and support medical marijuana … and I think that it’s important that more companies take that risk,” Klokeid told CCN LIVE. “The best thing about this event is that the love and support just keeps growing.”

Radio commercials advertising the Kush Cup were approved for air and have been running on Vancouver’s 99.3 The Fox. Klokeid was invited to stop by the station for an interview, and to another interview on sister station Rock 101‘s flagship morning program, The Bro Jake Show.

Watch Mark Klokeid on The Bro Jake Show on Rock 101:

Watch Mark Klokeid with Todd Hancock on 99.3 The Fox:

Klokeid is himself a medical marijuana user and survivor of lymphoblastic lymphoma and a bone marrow transplant, and hopes the event will bring attention to the fact that marijuana is such a versatile medication with seemingly endless uses.

“It’s a miracle drug,” Klokeid told listeners of The Bro Jake Show. “It is so useful in so many different ways for so many different conditions, it’s a wonder why it’s illegal. It’s definitely because of the pharmaceutical industry. You can grow marijuana anywhere, and if it’s a safe and useful drug with zero deaths it clearly needs to be legalized.”

Pot TV will be broadcasting LIVE coverage of The Kush Cup all weekend. Click here for the LIVE feed.

Jeremiah Vandermeer is editor of Cannabis Culture. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.