Mernagh Grows Marijuana LIVE: The Challenges of Hot Summer Growing

POT TV – Legal marijuana grower Matt Mernagh invites you to view his secret garden LIVE on the Pot TV Network. In this episode: Matt worries about heat stress and the challenges of growing during hot humid summer months indoors are discussed.

WATCH LIVE at 5PM Pacific (8PM Eastern)

New strains take centre stage. In the not so secret garden we now have Jordan of the Island’s God’s White Lightening, Kannabia Seeds strains LA Blanca and White Domina, Hortilab’s Super Sour Skunk.

Recently adopted numerous Wappa clones and the strain is from Paradise Seeds. In full flowering there’s a Jack Star looking grand and two strains from seeds from an Australia activist.

Mernagh struggles with the last two Exodus Cheese clones. Same recipe way worst results.

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