From Under the Influence with Marijuana Man: Independence or Dependence Day?

POT TV – Get high and talk pot with with Marijuana Man and Al the Alchemist LIVE every Wednesday at 4PM Pacific on From Under the Influence. July 4 is Independence Day in the USA, and we’ll discuss (and illustrate) our dependence on cannabis.

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We’ll also review Canada’s HIGH-class birthday celebration in Vancouver on Cannabis Day 2012. See CC’s photo collection from this year’s event.

Also: we’ll talk about the arrest (and release) of legal medical marijuana user and Pot TV star Matt Mernagh for marijuana possession by Toronto police.

Grab a joint and join the chat.

In his weekly show From Under the Influence, Greg Williams (also known as Marijuana Man), manager of the Pot TV Network and one of Prince of Pot Marc Emery’s co-accused in his international seed-selling case, talks directly with viewers about marijuana, hemp, the drug war, pot politics and anything else he wants to discuss.

Marijuana Man is joined by growing expert Al the Alchemist for the broadcast LIVE every Wednesday from the Pot TV studios in Vansterdam. Cannabis Culture editors Jeremiah Vandermeer and Marius Soska take your questions in the Livestream chatroom.

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1 Comment

  1. Anonymous on

    Just wanted to point out the obvious ability of these professed heavy cannabis users to

    A) Operate complicated technical equipment

    B) Conduct themselves in a reasonable manner

    C) Put together a regularly occurring show

    D) Stay active and interested in the world around them even into their greying years

    So, how is it that this ‘drug’ is less legal than alcohol, or no more permissible than heroin (here in the U.S.)?

    Also, I’d like to encourage anyone who is thinking of voting again for the same half stepping ‘progressives’ to consider appealing to more conservative politicians based on the ideas of taxation (and reduced law enforcement expenditures) as well as stressing the ideas of liberty and freedom from ‘big government’.

    For too long the Democratic party has been able to count on the vote of those of us who feel that cannabis should be legal. And while getting our continued support, they accomplish nothing for us. It’s time to offer our support to whoever genuinely deserves it, including Republicans – even if traditionally we would think this idea is insane.

    We need to redefine what it means to be a supporter of legalization. No longer should we be sure fire supporters of Obama or Clinton or anyone else. We should be supporters of whomever supports our cause. Even if they come dressed as right wingers.