Mernagh Grows Marijuana LIVE: Full-on Marijuana Flowering

POT TV – Legal marijuana grower Matt Mernagh invites you to view his secret garden on his LIVE show on the Pot TV Network. In this episode: Mernagh shows Exodus Cheese, Critical +, Sweet Deep Grapefruit, Jas Bud and Jillybean in full-on marijuana flowering. These cannabis strains are just about finished and the possible results are looking fantastic.

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Also on the show: How long do you flush your plants for? What kind of nutrients do you use? What is your favorite strain to grow? These are just some of the questions we’re going to respond to from the chat, but please think of something to talk about while we gaze at great growing ganja.

I’ve harvested all the really big cannabis plants we’ve been watching grow the last few months. No more Buddha Seed strains, but we’ll have some more great Spanish genetics coming into flower soon. With big plants Quasar and Exodus Cheese now out of the secret garden it’s much easier to move around inside the grow tent. Hopefully I won’t bump my head on my BC LED Grow light. However, I’ll have new strains taking up space soon enough – they’re just not ready from my veg space.

Plenty of great live on demand nugporn will be shown as we bring in a new webcam operator Jack Draack from Potheads Who Don’t Smoke Schwag to help manage visuals. It really is a two person operation and I’m finally thinking we have someone who has the skills to pitch in weekly. I need someone to film while I go about tending to plants and interacting with viewers in a marijuana like Martha Stewart style. A little of a bit of marijuana plant food is a good thing.

One idea I’m pondering is holding my white balance card behind buds we are photographing to see if we can get them to pop a bit more color wise. The webcam has an autofocus and we’re basically hand focusing by moving it back and forth to get a great shot that is worthy of our stoner secret word, boobies. When we see secret word BOOBIES appear in the chat we know on our end we have a shot worthy of staring at. If you see something you like be quick to type.

I’m kind of like those my free cam chicks, so don’t forget to toker tip out tonight. Always seeking show sponsors because this is a great opportunity for hypdroponic equipment companies, seedbreeders and plant food companies to get involved with the only legal non licensed marijuana grow room.

Tune into tonight on Pot TV Network at 8pm for Mernagh Grows Marijuana, a weekly look at secret ganja garden of legal grower Matt Mernagh.

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