Mernagh Grows Marijuana LIVE: Growing Grass Ain’t Easy

POT TV – Legal marijuana grower Matt Mernagh invites you to view his secret garden on his LIVE show on the Pot TV Network. In this episode: Growing marijuana is a fun job, but it’s made more entertaining when you have friends pitching in.

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Hot muggy Toronto days makes it difficult to grow marijuana. The high humidity and heat waves make it challenge for small personal growers that many often turn out their lights during the summer months. Turning them back on again during Labor Day weekend. Why just yesterday a power outage turned my lights out during marijuana flowering. Losing power during flowering sucks because it throws the plants off, hampers yields, finishing times, potency, and potentially turning them into hermies. Another problem I have is the air conditioner resets itself when the power goes out requiring me to manually turn it back on.

Many hobbyist growers have problems finding time in summer months to devote to growing marijuana because social calendars also heat up. After spending all winter indoors getting outside to enjoy the real sunshine is a goal and not everyone who grows indoors grows marijuana outdoors. I tried to grow marijuana on balcony once and it worked great, but I got caught.

I’m going to see if I can setup the camera tonight for Mernagh Grows Marijuana to be a steady shot of me transplanting. It’s my major task tonight and it’d be great to interact with people in the chatroom while working on plants. The idea of the show is to be doing marijuana grow chores while chatting to friends. Growing marijuana is a fun job, but it’s made more entertaining when you have friends pitching in. Speaking of pitching in maybe Compton will stop by to help out with the camera duties. We’ve really improved the show’s sound with the mixer and now all I need is better camera work from a dedicated assistant.

We’ll be closely examining Buddha Seeds Quasar to determine whether to harvest tonight. Harvest means putting it in front of the air conditioner for a day or two and have cold air blast on it. Two Quasars have been harvested already, but I’ve only posted one marijuana grow video on my YouTube channel. Hopefully, I can find time to post more. The weekly weed webcast from inside my secret garden on Thursdays is the best place to see my plants growing in real time. Plus you can ask me strain related questions and I can assist with marijuana growing questions and the chat can too.
Tune in tonight, Thursday June 21 at 8 pm EST on Pot TV Network for Mernagh Grows Marijuana.