Hempseed’s BHO Dab Gauntlet

POT TV – Hempseed loves her BHO dabs and hits seven pieces of dope glass in a row in this ganja gauntlet.

Hempseed says “Big ups to the Cali Connection and The Award Winnning Buddhas Budder for hookin it up!”

Glass by ( In order of dabbed):
David Makalaster
Live Free
Jesse James
US Tubes



  1. Anonymous on

    BHO doesn’t hurt the movement, really it’s wonderful stuff! BHO made from canned lighter gas is what’s bad. Spray some Colibri or Vector on a mirror and look at the nice white residue it leaves. Not to mention its a waste of butane and a fire hazard. But no one needs to do that. BHO can be made from pure n-butane from a gas supplier. It can also be done in a sealed extractor set-up which reclaims 99% of the butane for re-use and eliminates explosive risk. Tamisium is the popular brand right now for those extractor set ups but they are too pricey for the average stoner. The word on the street is if you do a couple dry runs with your butane in one of these you can ‘clean’ canned butane fairly efficiently then just clean the residuals out of the extractor. Some commercially made BHO down in medical states can be legit but generally not here in Canada lots of us are still blasting Ronson through PVC tubes. This video is still hot as hell and makes us all want a dab I’m sure.

  2. Anonymous on

    fuck that ^ can’t think of a sexier video on youtube

  3. Anonymous on

    Butane Honey Oil is not good for you, it has contaminants and stuff you don’t want to inhale. Stick to ganja and water-extracted hash. BHO is bad for you and for the pot culture.