Congressman To DEA Administrator: “Is Heroin Worse For Someone’s Health Than Marijuana?”

POT TV – Democratic Congressman Jared Polis had some tough questions for DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart about the differences between marijuana and other drugs. Sadly, she didn’t really answer any of them.

Watch Congressman Steve Cohen bombarding Leonhart with another round of questions.



  1. Anonymous on

    Marijuana ‘dependency’ does not meet the criteria for addiction; at worst it causes a mild psychological dependence (on par with watching TV). Marijuana users rarely become a threat to themselves or others, which is very different than what we see with alcohol consumption, and every cop knows this from on the job experience, as does every hospital, and every morgue. Unfortunately DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart is not required to follow the principals of science or harm reduction. In the twisted logic of bureaucrats failure is the best reason to ask for more and more of the same because if they succeeded they’d be out of a job, but if they fail they can demand a bigger budget. Most people are willing to believe almost anything if their career depends on it, and for them scientific facts are to be avoided at any cost, as can be seen on this video.

  2. Randall Parker, MBA on

    When we elect one who is inexperienced and incompetent to hold the highest office in the land, how can we expect that those whom he appoints to high positions will have any competence themselves?

    This is apparent in many workplaces across the country. When you have a manager who is not competent, they ensure that those beneath them cannot rise to their level, out of fear of keeping their jobs or having their own incompetence become glaringly apparent.

    This administration must go!

  3. Anony-mouse on

    When it becomes a lawful requirement for all politicians to tell the truth or risk being incarcerated for obstruction of justice, deceit, perjury and or misrepresentation, the republic would be better served.

    If Leonhart lacks the intelligence to answer the questions then she is not qualified to head the DEA.

    Her answers actually show a little of both, deceit and stupidity…