Uruguay Government Reportedly Plans to Sell Marijuana to Registered Users

Uruguay’s government apparently plans to take a step beyond legalizing marijuana: It wants to sell it.

Local news media cited unnamed ruling-party lawmakers saying that the government planned to send a bill to Congress on Wednesday that would legalize marijuana sales as a crime-fighting measure. Only the government would be allowed to sell the marijuana cigarettes, and only to adults registered as users.

Uruguay’s presidency did not immediately confirm the report, but told The Associated Press in an email statement that an official announcement later could include “the marijuana issue.”

Uruguayan newspaper reports about the bill said that people who use more than a limited number of marijuana cigarettes would have to undergo drug rehabilitation and that money from taxes on the cigarettes would go to rehabilitating addicts.

The idea is weaken crime by removing profits from drug dealers and diverting users from harder drugs.

There are no laws against marijuana use in Uruguay. Possession of the drug for personal use has never been criminalized, and a 1974 law gives judges discretion to determine if the amount of marijuana found on a suspect is for legal personal use or for illegal dealing.

– Read the entire article at Montreal Gazette.



  1. Ryuuzaki420 on

    Apparently, Apparently, along with Cannabis, same-sex marriage is also legal in Uraguay if you guys didn’t know as well. It looks like this country is heading in the right direction towards equality for all.

    We will see the positive benefits to this new measure in law enforcement cost and income revenue, and don’t be surprised if more South American countries like Argentina follow suit and join Uruguay in legalizing Marijuana.

    Even if the bill is a little restricted, it’s still a step in the right direction against the total prohibition of this wonderful plant.

  2. Anonymous on

    Am I the only one who thinks this isn’t such a good thing? According to the article itself, marijuana use was already legal in the country, meaning that smokers (not dealers) were a-ok already. Granted, it’s good to be disempowering powerful drug cartels, but doesn’t this law also disempower responsible adults who smoke enough to be considered “addicts” by the politicians who formulated this law? As far as personal liberties go, in other words, it seems like a step in the wrong direction.

  3. James Schulz on

    This is how they should be regulating nearly all drugs, weed and other herbs/natural substances being non regulated, drugs that require processing should be sold in a system like this, like how you can brew your own wine and beer but making moonshine in your garage is a whole different matter.

    Canada should allow business’s willing to help make the system work safely and effectively, operate to help our economy

    They can call selling weed tax evasion and even criminalize unlicensed sale, but not distribution. They can put an age on smoking it if they want i guess but i dont see much point, penalties only being small fines if they were to do it. If a person wants to grow plants they should be able to, they should not be able to make profit without being licensed as a business though. Teens who’s parents do not wish them to be using cannabis would just need to pull the plant out of the ground and dispose of it. Adults should be allowed to share what they’ve grown with their friends aswell.

    Drugs that should not be produced in homes such as MDMA,LSD, ect, should also be regulated. Allow adults to register onto a list and purchase an ID card that has a picture and barcode. Limit the amount that can be sold to any individual adult. Allow a person of a certain age who is registered as a user to purchase a limited amount over a time period. Giving a substance to a minor could be a crime along with unlicensed sale with sentences similar to tax evasion. They can keep track of who is buying what and when, and give out fines for giving away doses of the substance, even to registered users, because than the amount the person is using is unknown to the registry. Even set out as a requirement that users take drug tests over a certain time period that would be related to the substance and when the substance was bought, and even make users pass a urine or blood test before purchasing any substances in order to show that they are acting within the legal system and not consuming unregistered substances, registry would keep track of medical history and a list of medications the users are taking to prevent sale to individuals who may react negatively or cause interactions between other medications.

    They can limit the locations that substances can be taken at by allowing businesses to set up bar/club surroundings for substances like mdma and have people swipe their card when they consume the substance and not leave the bar/club until a set time is over, allow charges for public intoxication/ public disturbances, and require medical supervision at bars/clubs.

    There are bad people in every group. In a modern society it is badly needed that we realize this and stop targeting the group as a whole and focus on solving the problems

    Taxes from regulating drugs like this could also go towards funding rehabilitation centers and go towards the developement of the program. They can create millions of jobs, save countless amounts of taxpayers funds, and stop an endless flow of money from flowing out of our economy and into the pockets of criminal organizations

  4. Anonymous on

    Health Canada has been selling weed for years. Big deal; the Uruguayan Government will provide the same shwag, register users and cap dosage levels. Worse than here they will rehab/jail smokers who exceed the limit. This is an example of the same prohibition stupids we have in canada.

  5. The Sorcerer on

    lol at the above xDxD

  6. Mac420 on

    I,m with you bud. I am retiring next march and i,m looking for a warm tropical place where i can medicate without fear of prosecution.I,m done with this country(Canada).

  7. Anonymous on

    That does it ! I’m calling the clan panneton right now and moving to Uruguay for good.So long Canada ! Keep on fighting Harper and the countrys fascist police