The Mernahuana Show: Let’s Get Ready To Smoke Sum Weed

POT TV – Cannabis Champion of the World Matt Mernagh presents his LIVE show on the Pot TV Network. Today on the show: I accept Marijuana Man’s cannabis challenge.

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This week on The Mernahuana Show I accept Marijuana Man cannabis challenge. It was great to see old time toker Marijuana Man stepping out of retirement last week on From Under the Influence to challenge for my cannabis champion title. At least that’s what I think he was doing with his fab montage to The Mernahuana Show.

Finally a worthy cannabis competitor, but it’s been ages since The Contest and I’m not sure if Marijuana Man has got the moves to go up against a ganja loving guy in his pothead prime. I think Bud Cannabus 59th bday bong gauntlet celebration on last week’s show struck a cord with my long in the tooth Vancouver friend. Today’s demographic just doesn’t know who Edgar Winter is, because he was cool when you were a teenage toker. Back when Compton was in grade eight Marijuana Man was shit hot, but I’m not taking the old timer lightly. He could do me in like Randy Couture coming out retirement or this could go down like rapper Cannibus or Hogan vs Warrior part two not one.

The Potheads Who Don’t Smoke Schwag will be bringing the noise this week in response to Pot TV Vancouver’s antics. At least Vancouver has some dency to turn off the cam when Al had a seizure while our Toronto team would ensure mine is captured for the sake of the viewers.

After weeks of promising celebrity appearances (Marshal Mathers baled because of too much smoke in the room and it would ruin his voice) we finally have reality porn king Voodoo stopping by to toke and talk about, jumping out planes strapped to hot chicks, Howard Stern appearances, writing an autobiography and cruising Corso Italia on his motorcycle. Voodoo is a fantastic fellow who is very charming with the budbabes and we’ll have to make sure he knows the bathrooms are single use only. I’ll get him to drop us some professional tips on getting it on with weed loving ladies ala The Game. I’m really looking forward to this segment with Voodoo and I think our viewers and people at Vapor Central will dig it. We confirmed this all via Tweeter.

The one and only Amy Anonymous is toker teasing she’ll stop by, but usually she gets too comfy after her joint that she just chills out on the couch. That’s cool cannabis cutie, but when we egg her on she gets on the microphone.

Has Yonge and Dundas Square gone to pot? Psychedelic rockers The Flaming Lips took to the stage where Hash Mob enjoys smoking out to a very trippy show on the weekend. They crowd surfed in a giant ball, had big ass balloons, a trippy light show, and my personal favorite a megaphone…we need all that for 4.20.13. Before then on July 3rd Y&D Square hosts cannabis classic Dazed n Confused as part of City Cinema. This is a great opportunity to smoke out the square!

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