Holder Claims Emails Have Nothing To Do With Fast & Furious Despite Emails Citing Fast & Furious

POT TV – It’s either a lie or doublethink: Obama Administration Attorney General Eric Holder says emails specifically mentioning the Fast and Furious gun-walking operation are not actually about Fast and Furious.

Holder has come under increasing pressure over the Fast and Furious gun-walking operation, where thousands of guns were exported to Mexico by the US government for use by Mexican drug cartels.

Watch more video about the Fast and Furious operation on Pot TV.



  1. Anonymous on

    lol… btw, you must always question, what’s next?

  2. Anonymous on

    How do you know when a member of the Obama government is lying? He’s talking. Thank goodness the Obama administration will soon be just a bad memory. It will also be a lesson for Americans that you don’t elect a lawyer to govern a nation, unless that nation intends to spend most of its time in court. If it intends to conduct business in the world then they’d better elect somebody who actually knows something about business and isn’t just a talking head who will say literally anything he thinks will manipulate people into getting him elected and keeping him in office. That’s exactly what Obama did, told the country that he would change it from a piece of crap into a respectable nation that a reasonable person would want to live in, then promptly made it an even worse piece of crap.

    Who gave all that money to the bankers after they purposely used bond raters who knew that they would only keep working if they gave the banks the ratings they wanted, so they rated worthless bonds as triple A? Why didn’t he make the CEOs of those banks give back their multimillion dollar bonuses to pay for what they did, or make them repay the bailout with all that profit they make from nickel and diming us all to death? Who kept Americans in the Middle East so more could get killed by lunatics and so the country could throw away billions more? George Bush started the madness but Obama continued it. This should be Obama’s campaign 2012 slogan; “4 more years of the same, right here”.