Senior DOJ Officials Knew About and Approved ‘Fast and Furious’ Gun Running Operation

POT TV – New wire-tap evidence shows high-ranking US Justice Department officials misled Congress and provided false information about the Fast and Furious weapon program, which saw thousands of guns exported to Mexico by the US government for use by drug cartels.

Rep Issa of the House Oversight and Government Reform committee: “We have to hold Eric Holder accountable for basically a continued cover-up of those people who are today responsible for Brian Terry’s murder 18 months ago.”

“The people who signed them knew what was on them. Knowing now what I know, what the former head of ATF Melson said – you read these things and it makes you sick to your stomach to realize that people who should have said ‘stop this gunwalking’ in fact were signing wire-tap requests, warrants if you will, that were very knowledgeably knowing that you had these people doing it. They knew that weapons were going straight to Mexico. They knew it for a fact and they knew who was moving them.”

This is a must-watch video!

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