No Evidence Face-Eating Attack Was Related To “Bath Salts”

POT TV – Thom Hartmann, host of RT’s The Big Picture, and his guest, Alternet’s Kristen Gwynne, say there is absolutely no evidence that bath salts were involved in the first of the “zombie” face-eating attacks.

With no evidence, police claim that so-called “bath salts”, a type of synthetic drug legal in many places in North America, may have been involved in the case.

The mainstream press, instead of doing any research or independent reporting of the facts, have parroted the erroneous claims in the headlines.


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  1. Paul Pot on

    Police and media teamed up for a sensational story of drug hysteria as a means of diverting attention from the truth.

    With all the money devoted to drug enforcement there is no money to help the mentally ill.

    Mental patients are then left to fend for themselves and end up self medicating on drugs like cannabis which is in fact the responsible thing to do.

    The police told us that he was arrested for cannabis possession on several occasions as if that were some proof that pot and drugs generally caused his problems.

    This completely ignores the fact that a man who should have been getting help is left to fend for himself and when he does the right thing the police grab him and steal his medication from him and abuse him with the court system and basically just exploit and harass him.

    The police have a good and easy job busting the mentally ill. Intellectually disabled people usually make an easy bust, they just hand it over and tell the cops all they want to hear. The cops never leave them alone. When the community has to suffer pressure like this of course,people have to break and this is the extreme example of that.

    Get the police out of health care, take the pressure off the people and let us take our meds in peace.

    Legalize! Apologise! Compensate!