Mexico Backs Law Supporting Drug War Victims

POT TV – With drug cartel violence spinning out of control in Mexico, politicians have backed a new law aimed at compensating victims of the violence just two months before Mexico’s upcoming federal election.

From Al Jazeera:

Mexico’s government has fast-tracked a law to compensate victims of the country’s war on drugs.

Congress approved the bill on Tuesday, just a week after it was passed by the Senate,

Victims of criminal violence will be eligible for support payments of up to $73,000.

About 60,000 people have been killed during the crackdown on drugs in the past six years.

Al Jazeera’s Franc Contreras reports from Mexico City.



  1. Anonymous on

    We need to follow the money

  2. Anonymous on

    WTF I hope it not our government paying out these payments using our tax payers dollars that doesn’t even pertain to myself or others that don’t use then the government still want to spend money here to stop the drugs this is way out of controll if it’s the US government paying out this money our tax payers dollars????