The Mernahuana Show: Weird & Crazy Show

POT TV – Cannabis Champion of the World Matt Mernagh presents his LIVE show on the Pot TV Network. Today on the show: Toking strains, rolling joints, ripping cannabis champion RooR bong, we turn it up to pothead professional levels.

WATCH TODAY – 4:20 PM Eastern to 4:20 PM Pacific

How much further into ganja gonzo can we grow while we wait for Ontario Court of Appeal to strike down the weed laws? This week Fear and Loathing, Where the Buffalo Roam, and special guest appearances by Lt. Worf from Deep Space Nine. Strain Hunter Franco gives Mernahuana props and we learn about Kannabia Seed Company.

The Mernagh Defense is about to be played out in Canada’s foremost region. A medical marijuana patient and her lawyer have been in the courts since 2009 and next week they will finally get their days before lady justice. Waiting on another email update where I’ve asked permission to fully tell their story.

The HashMob coach teaches everyone how to get a remand and then throws down a rant on why we should overgrow the government this summer. What is stoner rock, Ice Cube or Kyuss? The Potheads Who Don’t Smoke Schwag Chime in on everything that is completely irrelevant. Yes, we borrowed this idea and kept it weedy warm for Aresnio Hall, who is talks for a syndicated talk show. I was really hoping after my amazing appearance on 16×9 that Global Television would hire me to do late night talk. Especially considering thirty per cent of the market is marijuana enthusiasts. We continue to revamp to get better, so tune in, toke up, and go further with Mernahuana.