Choom Wagon: Obama’s Higher Truths

POT TV – A new biography of US President Obama reveals the head of state’s love of marijuana smoking and his membership in the “Choom Gang”.

Find out more about the President’s penchant for pot.

From the YouTube upload:

“Back in the 1970’s President Obama attended Punahou School in Hawaii. There, he learned the art of smoking marijuana.

“Join us on the Choom Wagon where we will venture into uncharted territory.
The truth about President Obama.”



  1. Anonymous on

    Everyone is just getting fired up about THIER OWN EXPECTATIONS, and nothing more.

    The FACT is that the USA has a vested interest in the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotics, and the perks they get. Under the UNSNC, they can invade Panama and Guatamala, acts that would be illegal without the SNC. They get to provide military aid to other governments disguised as “police aid in the war on drugs”. They get to use drugs laws to bludgeon other countries, and no doubt just as important, provide military aid to US cops and beat down its own citizenry.

    As long as the UN SNC stands as it is, unchallenged, NO president, not Obama, no one is going to do squat to change USA drugs laws.

    Those who refuse to see the truth behind this simple fact has a vested interest in playing stupid games that will go nowhere.

  2. Paul Pot on

    Stinking hypocrite!