The Mernahuana Show: Japanese Cannabis Culture, Cannabis Olympics, and the TY Expo

POT TV – Cannabis Champion of the World Matt Mernagh presents his LIVE show on the Pot TV Network. Today on the show: we send off foreign exchange HashMob member Hiro with a grand slam of a bong hitting gauntlet. He’s a solid Vapor Central regular who participated in his first ever 4/20. Will he bring cannabis culture back to Japan?

Yes he will! World domination one foreign exchange student at a time.

WATCH TODAY – 4:20 EST until 4:20 PST

We talk about the upcoming VC Cannabis Olympics. Is there one? Will this go the way of the legendary bong ripping competition that never happened or will we actually have a summer ganja games to coincide with Olympic games? Depends on my schedule.

Lastly we have more TY Expo talk than you can possibly remember by Friday. Marco Renda may stop by and chat TY Expo. Originally I had intended to visit Vape-on-the-Lake, but taking the show on the road is more work than I had thought. Hopefully it’ll go better than the time we had the GMM organizers on.

Tune in Tuesday at 4:20 EST until 4:20 PST. Celebrating 4:20 in most parts of the Canada and U.S.A.