The Jodie Emery Show: New Pictures of Marc

POT TV – For the latest news on Marc Emery, CCHQ, and Canada’s cannabis community, watch new episodes of The Jodie Emery Show each week on Cannabis Culture. In this episode: With now only 782 days left on Marc’s US prison sentence, Jodie shares the latest pictures taken of them both at the prison.

There’s one pic with Marc and John Ferry, who is the Province newspaper reporter who went to visit Marc and wrote a huge article in the paper about it. For all the details about the news coverage and Marc’s blogs, go to:

Jodie is off to visit with Marc this weekend and then a few days later to Toronto to attend the Treating Yourself Expo from May 25 — 27 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Cannabis Culture and will have booths. So come and meet Jodie and Jeremiah or watch them live from the Expo on Pot TV.

We’re happy to have improved and launched our new and Pot.TV websites this week. Check them out for all the new features.
Jodie picks two more winners of FreeMarc T-shirts, stickers and a pin. To have your chance send an email to [email protected] She’ll be shooting next week’s show early, so your entry must be in by Wednesday. Good luck!

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