Anonymous Launches OpCannabis Legalization Campaign

CANNABIS CULTURE – Activist hacker group Anonymous has announced a new campaign to educate the public about the benefits of marijuana legalization. OpCannabis starts this 4/20!

Designed to coincide with the international day of cannabis celebration held on April 20, Anonymous has initiated “OpCannabis phase 1” and released a video (above) and a press release:

Dear Citizens of the World

For far too long cannabis has been oppressed by big corporations ,big pharma and governments when it could be benefiting all of mankind on many different levels. We have heard and we have watched your government lie and deceive you on all the dangers of cannabis. Show support by making your profile pictures green this April 20th on your social network profiles. OpCannabis phase 1, initiated. We are Anonymous…..Expect us.

Attention individual people, governments, companies and fellow Anons!

We are Anonymous and we have an important message for you:
Plato said that it was ok to tell a lie ONLY if it truly benefits all of mankind.
Plato called this lie the “noble lie.”

For far too long there has been a lie that has been perpetrated but it is neither noble nor does it benefit all of mankind, actually quite the opposite…the cannabis plant is one of world’s oldest and best medicines that has been known as beneficial for thousands of years!

It can replace many medicines and can be made into many different things such as plastics and fuels and paints etc. The bounds of this plant are limitless, we ALL are effected by illness such as cancer, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, chronic pain, mental illness, alcohol abuse and a myriad of other physical and mental disorders.

Cannabis had been proven over and over to help or even cure and reverse the effects of these diseases that will affect us all at some point in our life! Yet it is kept from the people who need its curing powers by governments, big corporations, by big pharmaceutical companies because it is a threat to the money they make! They make more money off you being sick so they do not want you to have a cure, these people do not truly care about your wellbeing only the money they will make from your illness!

Since it is an easily grown plant that can be grown freely by anyone they have made it an illegal schedule 1 drug. Cannabis has been oppressed by the powers that be that are afraid of its true benefits, and these benefits do help all of mankind! So cannabis fits the criteria for Anonymous’ support. We ask that all Anons and individuals please support the legalization efforts in any way possible! Even simply signing a petition or sharing info or even just having an open mind about the subject will help!

We ask you to please educate yourself on its many benefits and share these benefits with your sick or injured friends. We all know somebody that has cancer or diabetes and cannabis has helped or cured both and many other disorders! Anonymous will begin its support for the legalization of cannabis on 4/20/12. So please show your support by educating yourselves and making your profile pic or timeline banner on your social services accts green or 420 friendly.

We have all seen the power of the SOPA blackout so Anonymous feels that we can help cure the world simply by everyone showing their support for this most beneficial plant! We must end the prohibition of cannabis!! These oppressors make trillions of dollars off of the war on drugs by keeping their privately owned jails over crowded with nonviolent drug offenders!

We are approaching the 11 billion dollar mark that the government has spent on the drug war this year alone and have put millions of nonviolent offenders behind bars. This is a true crime against humanity and needs to end! Saying cannabis is a dangerous drug and is not a medicine is NOT a noble lie….it is simply a lie!

WE ARE LEGION for legalization!
WE DO NOT FORGIVE the crimes of the War on Drugs.
WE DO NOT FORGET our brothers + sisters locked up because of it.




  1. Spikevermin on

    You are a DEA Narc, are you not?
    You are in my sights Fuckwit.
    Wanna fight?
    I’m gonna make DEA shit & their buddies pay for what they’ve done to me & ALL Cannabis users.
    World War 3 has begun. I’m gonna nuke DEA shit from the face of the planet. Bring it on DEA lowlife shit!!!
    Spike Vermin

  2. Spikevermin on

    Hello all.

    I’m coming from the point of view where I am 47 years old & have utilized Cannabis since I was 15 Years old. For the first few years, I smoked every weekend or two. Then I had some bad experiences with Alcohol so gave that up & only used Cannabis. Life has been SO much better after making this choice.
    MY government has been lying to me & every citizen about Cannabis & they have called me names & set their “Feral dogs” (Feral asshole cops) onto me & my family & friends over Cannabis, the worlds safest drug.
    I am right out of patience. I want to punch someone in the Fucking Face over this.
    I am NOT a placid “typical” Cannabis user. I AM FUCKING HOSTILE!!!
    I WANT cops to get in my face over Cannabis so that I can get some satisfaction. See, i’m 47 years old & have been practicing kung fu for 34 years. I REALLY like to fight.
    I am DEMANDING that my government legalize Cannabis RIGHT FUCKING NOW.
    Anyone who doesn’t like it, WANNA FUCKING FIGHT ME?

  3. Anonymous on

    Anonymous uses computers to make its statements, and not violence.
    Your uninformed remarked make it impossible to even expect a rational response regarding cannabis prohibition. Harry Anslinger lied to Congress and stated that it made blacks promiscuous toward white women thats why a bunch of old white men decided to outlaw it, for fear that the big bad black man was gonna nail his white daughter. If you use lies and deceit to force the morals of a few on a majority the recipe is failure. Marijuana will be legalized and you will fail.


  4. Anonymous on

    I think that by now in 2012,the average citizen is pretty much informed about the benefits and drawbacks of using marijuana and the public polls are rather favorable to decriminalization or legalization.You can multiply ad nauseam pro cannabis web sites like this one as much as you want and keep shouting on all roofs that cannabis is good for you there remains one thing : the federal government be it canadian or American, represented by Harper and Obama respectively are solidly opposed to marijuana.Is it because they have low intelligence or are deaf but they all have said no to marijuana ! Police force is the only way those supposedly democratic societies have to combat marijuana and they like to use force on pro-cannabis fellows.

  5. jake on

    that guy who commented before is either kidding or fucking stupid just because we want cannabis to be legal doesnt mean to start killing people and law enforcement or anyone who has opposed it.

    Marc Emery didnt say if you want pot legal go kill people the real problem is people are not educated on pot and the only reason violence or the “gateway drug effect” even happen are because its illegal

    I smoke weed and ive never been arrested ever ill walk down the street and blaze and its illegal where i live but my neighbors know that im no criminal i just smoke weed and thats the lesson im trying to teach you can smoke weed and not be a hardened criminal

    also cannabis is a less harmful then the tylenol you take and it cures my headaches faster and ive smoked weed since i was 11 im 16 now never had any problems doctors say im actually really healthy

    anonymous is not necessarily a “group” either its more simple to say thats what your fighting for look it up its essentially a stand alone complex unless you make a group your on your own i looked it up im not part of whatever the fuck it is.

    so blam IN YOUR FUCKING FACE FUCKWAD…..sorry bout that had to

  6. EditThese on

    Shocking that this website wonders why Marc Emery is in prison while at the same time serving as an advocate for violence by the terrorist group Anonymous.

    The above comment is the chief reason that persecution and criminal sanctions against those who promote the drug lifestyle should continue.

    All those claims of cannabis supposedly being the peace-keeper’s drug of choice go out the window when you have proponents of marijuana openly calling for violence against the government on a website that may be one of the top 3 most-visited in the cannabis economy.

    This website has printed violent calls for action including death against the government. May peace and non-violence be with you but now that the terrorist group Anonymous is being aligned with the 420 movement, it’s time that people came to their senses concerning this harmful illegal drug.

  7. vvvpr on

    “Anonymous” may once have been a homogenous band of high-minded hacktivist heroes working selflessly for the greater good. But sadly, that ship has sailed.


    “Anonymous” has been occupied. And no longer just by web warriors laying waste to websites of the wicked, computer wizards worming their way into the iPhones of “Internet Security” frauds, or digital do-gooders doxing Congressional dolts and other corporate-controlled degenerates.

    Like Al Qaeda, Anonymous is no longer a band. Like Al Qaeda, Anonymous is now just a brand. Like Al Qaeda, Anonymous is the boogeyman. What “Al Qaida Terrorism” did for the corporate cartel controlling America’s Military Industrial Complex, “Anonymous Hacktivism” will do for that same corporate cartel’s Terrorism Industrial Complex, the vastness and taxpayer cost of which – if ever disclosed – would certainly defy comprehension:

    And like “Al Qaida Terrorist”, “Anonymous Hacktivist” is well on its way to becoming synonymous with “stateless enemy”, a label we’ve seen loosely and liberally applied to any and all willing to fight back against the global corporate fascist perpetual war-for-profit machine when it illegally crosses sovereign borders to immorally massacre millions of their innocent wives and mothers, sisters and brothers, and others whose only crime was refusing to become another corporate fascist puppet by compromising their principles in exchange for power or personal gain. And once that label is applied, given AUMF 2001 and now NDAA 2012, the fascist puppet regime in Washington DC can use whatever measures it deems necessary to make the troublemaker disappear – including arresting and detaining indefinitely without charge or trial an unarmed American citizen on American soil:

    Also sobering is the ease with which sovereign governments, corporate conglomerates and the global elite who control them can now conduct false flag cyber-ops to advance their agendas and blame them on the brave band of brothers and sisters behind all those virtual Fawkesian masks. Consider, for example: When the FBI penetrated Lulz Security, was their aim merely to probe the hackers, or to impact their agenda? Were all of the federal websites hit in recent weeks hacked by democracy-minded dissidents, or were some of them targeted by Shangdong saboteurs from one of China’s six TRBs (technical reconnaissance bureaus)? And what was the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) recruiting hackers for, if not to hack?

    Mikko Hypponen, Chief Research Officer for Finnish online security company F-Secure, answers with this:

    “Anonymous is like an amoeba, it’s got too many different operations run by truly different people which might not share a single person with another operation, but they use the same branding – they are part of the Anonymous brand, just like al-Qaida. Its just a brand nowadays, nothing else. It’s run the same, so that, like al-Qaida, anyone can credit an attack to Anonymous and no one’s there to say otherwise.”

  8. Spikevermin on

    Great news Anonymous. Get em good. It’s about time that anti-Cannabis scum of the Earth paid for what they have done.
    I want to see Anonymous flat out destroy all of the inhuman shit in the DEA.
    All cops who have Cannabis “blood on their hands” deserve extremely severe punishment. There is no such thing as too far when it comes to anti-Cannabis filth and/or police who have Cannabis busts on their records.
    Get em & get em good Anonymous.
    You have the full support of literally, over a Billion people worldwide.
    I want the shit in the DEA put up against a wall & shot. I know my dream of such suitable punishment for DEA employees wont happen. PLEASE make them feel SOME sort of pain.
    I would very much like them to be traumatized as they actively traumatize us.
    I’m not religious at all but I do firmly believe in an eye for an eye in this matter.
    The Anti-Cannabis Filth Must Pay!!!

  9. malcolmkyle on

    Hemp is absolutely one of the most valuable resources yet waiting to be fully developed!

    * Hemp can provide us with most of our needs; clean burning bio-fuels (due to the rapid growth cycle, requiring less land than corn); Hemp foods (arguably the most nutritious food-source on the planet and presently one of the hottest health food trends in North America); clothing fibers; healthy cooking oils; paper; building materials (from a musical instrument to the body of a stealth bomber) It’s even stronger than cement at one sixth the weight. – You don’t need fertilizers or chemicals to grow hemp. And there is absolutely no part of the hemp plant that cannot be easily utilized.

    * While the United States is one of the few industrialized nations on the planet to prohibit it’s farmers from growing Hemp, China has become the world’s largest producer (75% of world production) and the biggest exporter of hemp derived textile and paper products.

    * World trade for hemp seed, hemp oil, hemp fiber, textiles and other products of this amazing resource are rapidly expanding. The United States, as a consumer but not a producer of hemp, is one of the very few nations not profiting – similar to what happened in soviet Russia, the apparatchiks of the DEA are dictating to US farmers what they may, or may not, grow.

    “It is impolitic. The fact well established in the system of agriculture is that the best hemp and the best tobacco grow on the same kind of soil. The former article is of first necessity to the commerce and marine, in other words to the wealth and protection of the country. The latter, never useful and sometimes pernicious, derives its estimation from caprice, and its value from the taxes to which it was formerly exposed. The preference to be given will result from a comparison of them: Hemp employs in its rudest state more labor than tobacco, but being a material for manufactures of various sorts, becomes afterwards the means of support to numbers of people, hence it is to be preferred in a populous country.”
    — Thomas Jefferson, Farm Journal (16 March 1791)

    “What was done with the seed saved from the India Hemp last summer? It ought, all of it, to have been sewn again; that not only a stock of seed sufficient for my own purposes might have been raised, but to have disseminated the seed to others; as it is more valuable than the common Hemp.”
    — George Washington, Writings of Washington, Vol. 35, pg. 72

    * Until the 1880s, 80% of all textiles and fabrics used for clothing, tents, bed sheets, rugs, drapes, quilts, towels, diapers, etc., and even the flag, “Old Glory,” were principally made from hemp fibers. Additionally, hemp, due to its extreme durability and color-fastness, was used for 80% of all paper in the world, including Bibles, newspapers, maps, paper money, stocks and bonds, etc.

    * The paintings of Van Gogh, Gainsborough, Rembrandt, etc., were primarily painted on hemp canvas, as were practically all canvas paintings of that period.

    * In one year alone (1935), 116 million pounds (58,000 tons*) of hempseed were used in America just for paint and varnish.

    * Until 1937 an estimated 80% of all rope, twine, and cordage was made from hemp.

    * All American farmers were legally bound to grow hemp during the Colonial Era and Early Republic.

    *** At the cusp of an impending Hemp renaissance, the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 – which effectively made the cultivation of hemp illegal – was due largely to the efforts of the following businessmen/entities:

    Andrew Mellon – As chairman of the Mellon Bank he was Dupont’s primary investor and treasurer (1921-1932). He was also responsible for the appointment, in 1930, of his future nephew-in-law, Harry J. Anslinger, as head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN).

    William Randolph Hearst – Competition from hemp was a threat to Hearst’s paper-manufacturing company, and he believed that hemp’s renaissance would also significantly lower the value of his land (enormous timber acreage in both California and Mexico, and best suited for conventional pulp). He used his publishing empire (28 newspapers in 18 key American cities with an estimated 20 million readers) to run stories claiming that marijuana was responsible for everything from murder to loose morality.

    The DuPont family – In 1935, two years before the prohibitive hemp tax act, DuPont developed a new synthetic fiber, nylon, a direct competitor to hemp in the textile and cordage industries. DuPont was also in the process of patenting a new sulfuric acid process for producing wood-pulp paper. According to the company’s own records, wood-pulp products accounted for more than 80% of all DuPont’s railroad car loadings for the next 50 years.

    For their billion dollar dynasties to remain intact, these unconscionable tycoons decided that hemp had to go. Taking an obscure Mexican slang word, “marihuana,” they vehemently tarnished the good image and phenomenal history of one of God’s most loving gifts to humanity. Undoubtably, one of their most effective tools was the use of Goebel-esque cinematography – Films like ‘Marihuana: Assassin of Youth’ (1935) ‘Marihuana: The Devil’s Weed’ (1936) and ‘Reefer Madness’ (1936). Using such underhanded tactics, these industrialists were able to swoon an unsuspecting American public into helping them completely kill off the competition.

    “Marihuana makes fiends of boys in thirty days : Hashish goads users to bloodlust.”
    — Hearst newspapers, nationwide, circa 1936.

    Hearst’s company slogan, BTW, was: Truth, Justice, and Public Service!

    Let’s put our foolish reefer-madness behind us; let’s make commercial hemp, once again, the greatest economic engine of the human race!