Potparazzi: Making Marijuana-Infused King Kush Ribs

CANNABIS CULTURE – Watch Potparazzi with Britney and Jordan for celebrity stoner news LIVE Thursdays at 4PM Pacific on Pot TV. Today on the show: The girls make cannabis-infused King Kush Ribs. Highly delicious!

View the marijuana-infused KING KUSH RECIPE.

Also on the show: Britney and Jordan play another round of “Guess That Strain with Dana Larsen” and Jordan receives her punishment after losing in last week’s episode.

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On Potparazzi, Britney and Jordan bring you their personal cannabis capers and the latest on celebrities who love marijuana – filmed at Cannabis Culture Headquarters in beautiful Vansterdam, B.C.

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  1. Cannabian on

    Ha – You two are adorable. Don’t be so nervous… This is YOUR SHOW….. OWN IT. Great to see some new content. Make Marc proud.

  2. Dirty Harry on

    Thanks for the BBQ. I like to cook, and your BBQ sauce is a good homemade version. Replace the canabutter with plain butter for a non medicinal BBQ sauce.
    I like tweaking with home made sauces as I control the flavors.

  3. BritneyAnne on

    Dear Anonymous,

    Twits? Really? I think that is kind of amusing. If I was a “twit” would I be able to successfully run my own business? Probably not. Considering you know SO much about about CC and what they do, don’t you think you would be able to spell MARC’s name correctly? Maybe we would actually take your comment seriously if you did.

  4. Anonymous on

    OMG ? why do you put twits like this on your site? So,like Mandy Potter not around after her beauty queen scam?so you need these two to make CC look like fools? and why do these two always end a sentence with a question? like OMG? for sure? what is this the Teen People culture or is this the Cannabis culture?

    “So,OK? Marks in federal prison OK? and lets get him home soon OK? OMG?”

    this bullshit marginalizes the fact that Jodie is out these talking to political leaders trying to get Mark home, OK? OMG? if we want to be taken seriously then we need to act the same way. OK? like OMG?….sigh

  5. Anonymous on

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