Potparazzi: Guess That Strain and Baked Brownies

CANNABIS CULTURE – Watch Potparazzi with Britney and Jordan for celebrity stoner news LIVE Thursdays at 4PM Pacific on Pot TV. Today on the show: The girls play “Guess That Strain” and bake Watermelon’s No Frownie Brownies.

Britney and Jordan are contestants on “Guess That Strain with Dana Larsen” and the loser has to pay a high price.

Also on the show: The girls get their bake on with Watermelon’s No Frownie Brownie. Tune in to see the deliciously hilarious results.

On Potparazzi, Britney and Jordan bring you the latest on celebrities who love cannabis. Watch the Pot TVlatest LIVE show filmed from Cannabis Culture Headquarters in beautiful Vansterdam, B.C.

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  1. Anonymous on

    Yeah, because everybody needs to be an accredited scientist in order to conduct an experiment. Yet by that measure, no scientists could exist.

    So how long have you been a comedian?

    You don’t seem to grasp the concept of social media. The very fact that it’s not a big plastic production that none can afford is kind of the point to it.

    You claim to not want the “youtube” experience of “clips where some toddler accidentally catches poor dad right in the baby maker with a Nerf bat”. But the funny thing there is, those clips are exactly what the big production lame stream media you covet plays.

    They played them before youtube, and post youtube, they play the exact same shit as youtube. With that practical truth in perspective, this show is already of high production caliber, irrespective of whether or not it was produced with a single downloadable tool, which is probably what more expensive productions use now as well.

    You’re about the only downloadable tool here that’s of low production value.

  2. Cannabis4MSinBC on

    . . . that these women, if they’re going to continue with their Potparazzi segment, need a couple of critical criteria met first.

    – A writer to develop an engaging and intelligent script, that they follow.
    – An acting and dialogue coach, because even improvisational performers have both the training and education that makes their work appear effortless.
    – A director that will decide the course of their segments as the loose and casual nature of their current work is too difficult to follow.
    – A technical coordinator with cinematography skills because shooting any web video with some sale priced big box store web cam is tacky. And no, iPhone video isn’t any better when compared to an actual professional grade DV Camera, with proper lighting, filtering, lenses, and some post production that doesn’t involve downloading a simple App.
    – A producer who will tell them they’re not Hollywood movie stars, they never will be, so the best they can do is follow the direction of someone with actual education, experience and expertise in the field of script and video production.

    Same could be said of most all videos here on Cannabis Culture. If I wanted amateur hour entertainment, I’d simply watch YouTube and the thousands of clips where some toddler accidentally catches poor dad right in the baby maker with a Nerf bat.

    And yes, it appears to be nothing more than sexual pandering where by having a couple of attractive young women spout their thoughts somehow qualifies as quality content. Just like Hollywood, the more breast, leg and butt they reveal, the higher their projected ‘Masturbation Quotient’ for men aged 13 to 28, translating into a predictable increase if box office sales revenue.

    And what’s with baking some bud brownies, proclaiming how good they taste, then spitting them out and laughing? Kind of insulting to the creator of that recipe, yes? Not to mention presenting question as to their qualifications as even casual cannabis cooks.

  3. Anonymous on

    You’d never actually imagine they have a cause or purpose all of their own, would you now.

    You really thought you were going to make such accusations of employing women as tools, without having it apparent you’re using them as tools of your own?

    What is this, amateur hour at the PMO? I suggest you stick to your cue cards and avoid this kind of embarrassment.

  4. Anonymous on

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  8. Anonymous on

    Why do they use women to get their message across?

    Well I guess sex sells.