VIDEO: The Jodie Emery Show – March 15, 2012: VIDEO

CANNABIS CULTURE – With 845 days left before Marc’s early release date of July 9, 2014, Jodie shows us the poster from Marc’s latest performance with his band Yazoo.

Hempology 101 is a free university study course created and taught by Ted Smith a long time and very dedicated cannabis activist from

Victoria, BC. Jodie had the pleasure of speaking at the 2nd Annual Cannabis Convention held March 4 at the University of British Columbia along with Chris Bennett, Randy Cain and Dr. Hornby. Go to for video of the event and all the info.

The federal Liberal party of Canada has asked Jodie to speak at a meeting they are having about cannabis. That’s coming up in Vancouver on

March 31, 2012. This is on the heels of the party passing a resolution to legalize cannabis at their last convention. Go to to show your support.

Stay in touch with Marc by reading his blogs at You will also find all of the info about how and where to write him a letter. It doesn’t take long to do and it sure makes him feel better to know you are thinking of him.

Angel Raich is a longtime medicinal cannabis activist who is fighting a battle with cancer. Her fight continues as her hospital has denied her the right to use cannabis in any form. Read Angel’s story and stay up to date on all of the cannabis culture news at:

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