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  1. DML on

    In R v Taylor, the Court of Appeal of British Columbia wrote:

    “The gravamen of the charge of trafficking is possession plus the intent or purpose of physically making the hashish available to others, regardless of ownership.”

    This means that if you make something available – like for example set it down in an ashtray – you can stil be busted for trafficking.

  2. Anonymous on

    Hi All,

    You might want to use html5 instead of flash.

    Also, if anybody is in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area, there are some pro legalization events coming up: http://www.facebook.com/TheGreenIsGood

  3. Spoiled Sport on

    Hi girls, liked your new show concept, hope you do well. While watching your show you mentioned an arrest of Mark Emery where he passed a joint and it was considered trafficking. You also mentioned his arrest was in Winnipeg which I believe is wrong, I believe the arrest happened in Calgary or Saskatchewan. While thinking of this I think I came up up with a workaround. Instead of passing it directly to another person we should start by placing the joint into an ashtray and the next person who wants a toke can pick it up from the ashtray. It would be no good if someone is HOLDING the ashtray because they can be arrested for trafficking. This is only when in public, in private there HOPEFULLY are no cops watching. When sharing a pipe or bong place it on a table to let someone pick it up. Please share this knowledge with every show and as many people as you can.