The Jodie Emery Show – November 10, 2011

CANNABIS CULTURE – There are 971 days left until Marc’s early release date of July 9, 2014. Jodie shares the latest from Marc after visiting him in Mississippi. Go to for the countdown and Marc’s prison blogs.

Remembrance Day is on November 11th, and Jodie reminds people that the day is supposed to be about recalling the horrors of war and promising “Never Again”. She explains the white poppy symbolism and shares the provocative banner that will be hanging from the building over the Vancouver Remembrance Day ceremony.

Check out for reports and other information about BC’s latest prominent group advocating for legalization. Jodie and other Cannabis Culture crew will be attending a panel discussion to show support. Get behind your local advocacy organizations to help end prohibition!

Christmas is coming, so get some early Christmas shopping done at our store or online. “We’ve got everything you need, except the weed” at and “Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters” at 307 West Hastings Street in downtown Vancouver, BC.

Drug War Hypocrisy Fun Fact: The “dangerous” new “legal cannabis” chemicals used in K2 and Spice were developed by the US government’s own organization NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse) to cause real-life Reefer Madness! Google it!

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